An Anarcho-Communist View of Psychiatry

Wed 15th January
18:45 – 21:00
Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carringdon Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ.
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As an opening to a broader open discussion this short talk will focus on the need to develop a broadly anarcho-communist critique of psychiatry.

Specifically, such a critique would understand how psychiatry and other mental health regimes operate within and alongside capitalism and the state. In particular this requires an understanding of psychopharmacological industry and how diagnoses can operate as political devices.

The talk will necessarily touch on themes that may be distressing,
including depression, anxiety, psychotic diagnoses and the abuse of psychiatric patients. Every effort will be made to ensure a safe space is maintained but anybody attending should recall that discussions of this nature always have the potential to trigger distress. A clearly sign-posted break-out area will be provided.


Glasgow AF discussion group is open and free to all, however any donations towards costs are appreciated. Tea/coffee/juice/biscuits will be provided free of charge. Our venue is accessible to wheelchairs/powerchairs. We ask that all those attending this event read the first page of our safer spaces policy here.


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