Another year for the locust: an attempt at a review of 2013

Cautiously pessimistic

Another year gone by. It’s hard to know what to make of this one. 2011 felt like a year when things were starting to change, and new possibilities opened up; cycles of struggles never proceed neatly, and some of the struggles of 2011 were already over by the end of that year, but 2012 felt, at least to me, like much more of a year of reaction as the wave broke and rolled back. I don’t know how to characterise 2013: certainly, in countries ranging from Turkey to Brazil there’s been massive upheaval, but back in the UK it feels like not that much has really happened. Things continue to get worse, there’s still a lot of discontent but no real resistance, but it’s hard to know how to sum up the year as a whole without just giving a list of statistics about rising homelessness and food bank use.

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