Glasgow helicopter disaster info line

FYI: An emergency number for those worried about friends and relatives relating to Glasgow helicopter disaster has been set up 0800 092 0410

Our thoughts go out to everyone effected by this disaster.


4 responses to “Glasgow helicopter disaster info line

  1. Can people please get their arses into gear. The POLICE have crashed a helicopter, most probably by ACCIDENT, into one of the main left-wing watering holes in Glasgow, killing at least 8 people.

    The Scottish chief of police, chief constable Stephen House, has said THANK YOU to “people in Glasgow” for their “many acts of kindness”.

    Which organisation was it that crashed the helicopter? It was the POLICE, for goodness sake! And the chief of police hasn’t said SORRY. He’s said THANK YOU.

    Whose watch did this crash happen on? That’s right, HIS watch. If he had any decency about him, he’d top himself.

    Now is the time to try to INCREASE CLASS DIVISIONS, not to wimp out and say we’re all in the same boat. The BOSSES don’t declare a class truce at a time like this. They try to increase their authority and power.

    Several people reading this will probably know people who were in the Clutha at the time of the crash, some of whom may have been killed. I used to live in Glasgow, and it is very possible that one or more people of my acquaintance were among the victims. I would have thought several Glasgow anarchists will know people who were there.

    Simply giving out the emergency number and saying your thoughts go out to everyone affected by the tragedy sounds very much as though you’re presenting the anarchists as just another political, representative, official or civil-society organisation saying the same as all the others. You are not THINKING straight.

    I am not saying you should ‘capitalise’ on it politically. I am saying you shouldn’t lose your senses. Heighten them; don’t dull them as you’re supposed to.

    The POLICE did this, probably by accident. And they are saying THANK YOU to everyone who’s helped, not SORRY, OOPSADAISY, WE’VE KILLED AT LEAST 8 PEOPLE BY ACCIDENT.

    And then there’s the issue of what the fuck the helicopter was doing, which hasn’t been revealed. Not carrying our surveillance by any chance, was it? WHY hasn’t the information been revealed? To give the senior cops time to cover their arses? That’s what it sounds like. REMEMBER HILLSBOROUGH?

    • You have lost the plot.

      There were bodies being pulled out of the wreckage, numbers unknown, acknowledging that they may be our friends and comrades that are dead, and you think that moment is when we should take a pop at the police? For what? You say we shouldn’t capitalise on the disaster; well you need to shut up and start removing the rest of your post where that is precisely what you are calling for.

      We all know what Blue Thunder got up to up there, and yeah it was a class traitor at the sticks, and yes the police response is shit, and I’m sure it was due to the capitalist mode of production that the ‘copter was in such shitty repair, but give it a rest while people are still finding out about whether their family members are alive.

  2. If you can’t criticise the police for crashing a helicopter into a building killng 9 people, I can’t take you seriously.

    • To quote a friend:

      “Dear fellow anarchists using the helicopter crash to rant about surveillance : Please hear me when I say you are part of a problem. A problem of inhumanity. A problem of privilege. A problem of disconnection. When friends and comrades have died in numbers we are very lucky not to see often in the privileged west, it stops becoming a talking shop for you for a while to allow people mourn and collect themselves. By all means feel injustice, upset and angry, but when you are banging on about the surveillance state when bodies are still being found in the wreckage, you have lost the fucking plot.”

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