Inhumane Government and Charter Firm Deport Isa

It is with regret that I’m posting to say that Isa Muazu has been deported by the Home Office in spite of the critical condition of his heath. This post on Scriptonite Daily covers the details.


I’d like to add that the fight to prevent his deportation was always going to be an uphill struggle. The Home Office would not release Isa, but at the same time would have done almost anything to prevent a hunger striker dying in detention. Virgin Atlantic may have been open to refusing passage to avoid the  bad publicity generated from a death in flight but for the relatively unknown Air Charter Scotland the chances of any of the bad publicity hitting them and not just stopping with the Home Office was slim, while the incentive of £50,000 for this flight and a good record for future charters from the government was too much to stop them from becoming murderers.

This is the violence of capitalism and the state.

The lack of humanity shown towards Isa from those involved in his deportation should spur us on in our opposition to a culture that says a person can be illegal.

No borders! No nations! No deportations!


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