Solidarity with Isa Muazu helps buy some more time!

Via Unity following on from yesterday’s post:

ISA’s FLIGHT TONIGHT CANCELLED: This has been confirmed. Isa was given fresh removal directions for Friday 29 November on a specially chartered private flight EDC684 to Abjua at 8am. This flight is being organised by a charter company based in East Kilbride, Scotland. Their details are:

Air Charter Scotland Ltd, 7 Colvilles Place, Kelvin Industrial Estate, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G75 0PZ.
Sales Tel: 01355 590 300
Sales E-mail:
Operations Tel: 01357 578 161
Operations E-mail:
Fax: 01355 590 303.

An urgent action appeal will be going out tonight. UNITY!


The unprecedented pressure that everyone has been able to bring to bare so far has been instrumental in getting this delay. The Home Office are wanting to transport Isa with a medical team, in effect admitting that he is not fit to travel and that the government just want rid of him so he doesn’t die in detainment. We need to keep up the pressure over the next couple of days. Here are some photos from today’s solidarity demonstration:










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