Coming Up! (events for the rest of the week)

Hi All,

Please see this week’s listing of events and stuff below. Also:

– Solidarity with Isa Muaza:

We’d like to draw your attention in particular to today’s
action in solidarity with Isa Muaza, an asylum-seeker on hunger-strike on
Harmondsworth Detention Centre, who has now been refusing food for over 90
days, is said to be close to death, and is due to be deported to Nigeria on
Wednesday night. Isa was deemed to be ‘medically unfit to be detained’ by
medical professionals, upon examination in October. Despite medical evidence a
Home Office ruling, on the 19th November, refused his release from detention.
In the words of the Detention Forum, ‘This is the sharp edge of the hardened
stance being taken by the Home Office, and has much wider implications if we
do not act.’ Please see the link attached on the event listing for more
details, including other actions you can take even if unable to attend

– Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions:

Boycott Workfare are organising for a Week of Action Against Workfare and
Sanctions, starting next Monday (2nd December). You can see the call-out/
details here (, with an event page here

As ever, if you know of anything happening that you think we should be
listing, please lets us know (you can email us directly at


Wednesday 27th November
– Justice for Isa Muaza (Unity in the Community)

Wednesday 27th November
– Christmas Creative Re-use (Urban Roots)

Friday 29th November
– Glasgow Against ATOS Monthly Picket (Glasgow Against ATOS)

Friday 29th November
– November Critical Mass

Friday 29th November
– Anti-Racist St. Andrew’s Day Fundraising Ceilidh (Unity)

Saturday 30th November
– St. Andrew’s Day Anti-Racism March & Rally (STUC)

Saturday 30th November
– ‘The Nose of a Mob is its Imagination’ (Variant)

Sunday 1st December
– Electron Club Open Day & Social Sunday (Electron Club)


Tuesday 26th November
– ‘Decay Time’ (Centre for the Study of Socialist Theory & Movements)
Rm. 205, 5 University Gardens, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QN
5.15pm – 7pm

A talk hosted by the CSSTM.

– About the talk:

Beyond the vagaries and forgetting of oral cultures, media’s externalization
of all-things-human, have long been seen to augment memory. But media have
also kept memory in-check and held the past at some distance through their own
in-built modes of decay. In this way media have been pre-eminent in
forgetting. However, today the past is distant no longer. It is here and
everywhere in post-scarcity culture where the bounds of the availability and
accessibility of digital media content inexorably expand, both in the
constancy of connectivity of expansionist networks but also as digital
remnants in the communicational-computational devices subject to diminishing
cycles of obsolescence. In this paper I explore the opening up of two
seemingly contradictory trajectories of decay time– roughly media content and
media forms – and their shaping of contemporary remembering and forgetting.

– About the speaker:

Professor Andrew Hoskins is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Adam Smith
Research Foundation at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on the
theoretical and empirical investigation of today’s ‘new media ecology’ and the
nature of/challenges for security, and individual, social and cultural memory
in this environment. He has an established record of leading externally funded
empirical research into the shifting relations between media, war and
terrorism, media and radicalisation, and media and memory. He is founding
Editor-in-Chief of the Sage journal of Memory Studies, founding Co-Editor of
the Sage journal Media, War & Conflict, Co-Editor of the Palgrave Macmillan
book series Memory Studies and Co-Editor of the Routledge book series Media,
War & Security. His latest books are: Radicalisation and Media: Connectivity
and Terrorism in the New Media Ecology.

For Further Info –

Wednesday 27th November
– Justice for Isa Muaza (Unity in the Community)
@ Festival Court, 200 Brand Street, Govan, Glasgow G51 1DH

Isa Muaza from Nigeria has been on hunger strike for over 90 days, in protest
over the way his asylum claim was handled, and his lawyers say he is “close to

His flight has been arranged for 10pm 27/11/2013! We need to show our support
to ISA and show that he is not alone through this hard time.

If we can’t cancel the flight, Isa will be flown with medical expert and
reviewed on other end by medical team and taken to hospital in Nigeria.

WE need to fight against UKBA and Theresa May.

Lets all gather OUTSIDE THE HOME OFFICE in BRAND STREET on Wednesday at 3PM to
show our support to ISA!

For Further Info (and other ways to take action) –

Wednesday 27th November
– Christmas Creative Re-Use! (Urban Roots)
Toryglen Community Base, 18 Prospecthill Circus, Glasgow, G42 0LE
6.30pm – 8.30pm

Come along to our free, three week workshop turning old rubbish and materials
into beautiful Christmas decorations and gifts! With the help of our wonderful
team, you’ll be amazed at the end results.

We have three workshops:
– Wednesday 27th November
– Wednesday 4th December
– Wednesday 11th December

The best presents and decorations are always home-made! Have fun and help the
environment too. Kids and grown ups are welcome!

For Further Info –

Friday 29th November
– Glasgow Against ATOS: Monthly Picket (Glasgow Against ATOS)
Atos, Corunna House, Cadogan Street, Glasgow, G2 7RD

Glasgow Against Atos is a grassroots activist campaign, opposing Atos and
supporting the rights of disabled people in Glasgow and beyond. We have been
picketing the atos testing centre in glasgow for over a year, our picket is at
cadogan street, at 12.30 on the last friday of every month, please come and
join us.

Thousands of seriously ill and disabled people have died weeks after being put
through this cruel and unfair medical assessment, many of these people died
after being found fit for work, we need your support to remove Atos from the
DWP medical.

Yeah we know it’s cold and getting dark outside, and Atos are in their nice
warm office, but they don’t stop, so we won’t stop!

For Further Info:

Friday 29th November
– November Critical Mass
George Square, George Street, Glasgow, G2 1DU
5.30 (for 6pm)

November’s Critical Mass; set off at 6pm.

Critical Mass is a movement without leaders to promote cycling as a superior
alternative to car culture by showing the world that cycling is healthy for
the environment and for ourselves, sociable and lots of fun! People come
together (typically on the last Friday of every month) in cities around the
world where bicyclists and also unicyclists, skateboarders, inline skaters,
roller skaters and other self-propelled commuters take to the streets en
masse, and create a safe and social space by cycling together in a group. It’s
not about “pissing car drivers off” by being aggressive or confrontational.
Instead, we reclaim the streets by making the statement that WE ARE TRAFFIC!

Glasgow’s Critical Mass rides the Last Friday of every Month, meeting from
5.30pm, George Square, for an approximate 6pm start

For further info –

Friday 29th November
– Anti-Racist St. Andrews’ Day Fundraising Ceilidh (Unity)
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1BA

Fundraising dance for Unity, as part of a weekend of anti-racism events,
including the STUC’s march
( and
United Glasgow FC’s benefit gig

The event is BYOB, with the Diomhaireachd Ceilidh Band; suggested donation £3,
asylum-seekers go free. 7pm ‘til Midnight.

For Further Info –

Saturday 30th November
– St. Andrew’s Day Anti-Racism March & Rally (STUC)
Glasgow Green, Glasgow, G1 5DB

Annual March and Rally, organised by the STUC.

Assemble 10.30; March sets off at 11am, with a rally to follow at the GFT.

Speakers include:

– Jerry Dammers (musician and anti-racism campaigner)
– Hope Not Hate
– Dee Matthew (Show Racism the Red Card)
– Alan White (United Glasgow Football Club)

For Further Info –

Saturday 30th November
– ‘The Nose of a Mob is its Imagination’ (Variant)
Transmission Gallery, 28 King Street, Glasgow, G1 5QP

A public discussion co-hosted by Variant Magazine and Transmission Gallery, on
the pressures to reposition artist-run activity in line with dominant ideas
about a Creative Economy.

As part of a wider regime of professionalisation and training focused on
fomenting economic competition, where artists are continually expected to re-
skill themselves, such ideas include the association of culture with
aspiration and employability.

Looking at parallels with the ‘NGO-isation’ of activism, our discussion will
explore the effects these pressures are having on organisational structures
and purpose, and on the ethos of self-organisation more generally.

Closer to the date we’ll circulate a short position paper as an aid for
discussion, presenting themes which will, in part, draw upon Kirsten Forkert’s
article ‘Artist as Executive, Executive as Artist’ , Variant issue 35.

The event will take the form of a facilitated discussion, in which we’ll try
to make sense of our own experiences of the impact of these regimes of
industrialisation on what we do and the contexts in which we do it.

Event Info (Facebook) –

Variant Magazine –

Sunday 1st November
– Electron Club Open Day & Social Sunday
Electron Club, 1st Floor of CCA, Sauchiehall Street/Scott Street, Glasgow, G2

The Electron Club is a space at the CCA that is home to a whole variety of
people and ideas. Started as a computer/electronics/artist space and open-
source software lab, it has expanded into many areas of cultural diversity,
providing a free space for not-for-profit and voluntary groups involve in
areas related to DIY technology, community media and environmental activities;
if you are an artist, technie, nerd, or if your bag is community activism or
if you are just interested in life, come and take a look. We are open to the
public. Anyone can join. Its free.

Groups & Individuals present:

– Radical Independent Bookfair:
Books you don’t find many of in the bookshop, zines, DVDs leaflets, posters, T
shirts, book swap, and a whole range of freebies. RIB has em all.

– Wikipedia:
Did you know you can add stuff to WP? Did you ever think about it but weren’t
sure? Come and meet a Wikipedia volunteer who does and will explain how to go
about it.

– Open Street Map Demo:
There numerous mappers in and around Glasgow with a wealth of knowledge and
from a variety backgrounds and ages. Come and out what mapping is about and
start mapping the world. (

– Glasgow Science Fair:
Glasgow Science Fair is about getting folk young and old interested in
science. Come and play with their robot, Knex, Arduino and other science tech
stuff. “Lego Mindstorms Challenge: Help explore how to programme Mindstorms
robots to follow commands and navigate its way around our obstacle course.
Bring Lego to life in this fun introduction to programming and robotics.”

– Spirit of Revolt:
The Spirit of Revolt is a group based in Glasgow who are attempting to collect
as much material as possible from grass-roots campaigns in working class
struggle, in and around the Glasgow/Clydeside area. An archival collection of
working class history. Find out about this very important project for the
city. We will be screening a film made at the SOR exhibition at the Mitchell
library. (

– Common Good Awareness Project:
CGAP was set up to create awareness of Scotland’s Common Good Fund, a whole
bunch of assets, art galleries, schools, town halls, parks, that are publicly
owned. Many of these assets have disappeared, have been lost or stolen over
the years due to a lack of awareness that they even exist and
maladministration by those whose duty is to protect the fund for the benefit
of the public. Find out more and about the common good and the Farmhouse
Trust, a Common Good project in Govan to create a independent resource centre
whilst experiment with off grid technology eco building and gardening along
the way.

– Industrial Workers of the World (Clydeside):
Founded in 1905, the IWW is open to all workers. Don’t let the “industrial”
part fool you. Our members include teachers, cleaners, social workers, retail
workers, construction workers, bartenders, and computer programmers. Only
bosses are not allowed to join.

– We will giving a second chance to see a shorter version of Glasgow to
Detroit if you missed the screening at the Kinning Park Complex last month.
Here we will be discussing specific ideas from Detroit activists mentioned in
the film to examine the situation in Glasgow/Scotland around growing.

The ‘Spirit of Revolt’ exhibition-film and Q&A will be at 2pm; The ‘Glasgow to
Detroit’ screening and discussion will be at 3pm.

For Further Info –

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