Brief remarks on PLUSS

attempts at living

The following is a re-post from facebook of my angry rant, so forgive spelling etc. It’s based on seeing NovaraMedia having  posted this image

I went off to search for more info on where this image comes from and found the phrase being used elsewhere. Specifically on the PLUSS young person scheme website.

What is the PLUSS hire-a-young person scheme? Click the images below to enlarge:


It seems to be designed to massage employment figures, to simulate growth in the figures of a section of  UK society that has the highest unemployment rate. So the government gets to point to a sudden boom in employment for u-25s and say “hey, our austerity measures are working”. This would provide the UK government with a spurious justification for their open assaults on the working class & the institutions it struggled to achieve. It would effectively render their- at this point…

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One response to “Brief remarks on PLUSS

  1. New ways to disposses people and hasten the revolution, I reckon. I am a real person because I can buy an iPhone? I’ve not heard of anything so evil, not in a while. . .

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