Solidarity with Edinburgh students!

Libertarian-Left Collective

On Tuesday the 08/10/13, two students were forcibly removed and detained following the arrival of Princess Anne

[student 1] and [student 2] had been studying in the university’s Old College buildings when they were removed by staff further to the imminent arrival of the princess, who is the university chancellor”.

What were they doing? Studying. Since when is the function and premise of the university as an institution repudiable to the extraneous and by all means  unaccounted-for presence of royalty, particularly within an educative context of supposedly universal and globalised values and characteristics? Her very presence and the institutionally brutish, racist and reactionary behaviour suffered at the expense of the students is a direct violation of the sphere of internationalism and education and a direct offence and insult against the student community.

According to Edinburgh University Students’ Association trustee Mike Shaw, who wasn’t present at the time…

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