Kill the SWP inside your head

Another angry woman

Content note: this post discusses rape and rape apologism

Another woman has come forward with an account of her experience of sexual violence within the SWP, and how the disputes committee handled it. My heart goes out to her, as it does to all of the survivors.

Once again, I am filled with rage that this organisation with its inbuilt mechanisms for avoiding accountability for sexual violence continues to exist. I am fucking furious that people continue to be members of the SWP. Once again, I must state that I will never organise with them, or any of their front groups. This is both in accordance with the survivor’s wishes, and is also very much in accordance with my own personal feeling. I want to see them hollowed out and rotting then burned atop a pyre of their own shitty, shitty newspapers.

I will never organise with the SWP…

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6 responses to “Kill the SWP inside your head

  1. Charles Haggerty

    hi,after witnessing the appalling,disgraceful,disgusting behaviour of several prominent SWP members during the attempts of the Scottish-Palestinian Solidarity Campaign to support the Palestinians during the Israeli assault on Gaza in 2008/9,nothing the SWP has done or will do,can ever surprise me.They thought it was quite a joke to disrupt these
    meetings while some 1600 people were being murdered.WTF are they all about?

  2. Charles Haggerty

    I would like to add that I have stated the above(in even more detail!)twice on ‘facebook’ and despite asking for comments from SWP members;NOT A SINGLE ONE has had the courage/honesty to challenge what I have said! But I’ll keep on asking;WTF ARE THE SWP ALL ABOUT???

  3. What was the disgusting behaviour, I’m curious?

  4. Charles Haggerty

    hi ‘Truth’,you ask.’What was the disgusting behaviour?’.Well with respect,I would have thought that my first comment illustrated that.But however;at this particular support/solidarity meeting for the Palestinians several prominent SWP members done their damnedest to disrupt the meeting,control the agenda ect. ect.I won’t actually name the specific fools concerned,they know who they are,as does everyone else who was at the meeting!As I stated above,I have twice issued a challenge on ‘facebook’ to ANY MEMBER OF THE SWP to give a legitimate rational explanation for their comrades(!) behaviour,at this meeting,with an offer of a SUBSTANTIAL contribution to the SWP party funds,should such an explanation be forthcoming.As yet my challenge has been ignored,but hey you SWPer’s the challenge is still there!So that brings us back to the question;’WTF ARE THE SWP ALL ABOUT?’

  5. Charles Haggerty

    I’ve just messaged the link for all the above to the SWP Glasgow ‘facebook’ page.Why don’t other people do the same?Lets see what their made of or are they so frightened to speak up?

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