Thanks to those who made last night…

Thanks to everyone who could make it to the talk last night. While we were able to get a PA, we were unable to record the talk, but photos from Edinburgh show a recorder on the table so we’ll be sure to repost any recordings that pop up, and if you have any from last night then drop us an email and we’ll pop it up here. It was awesome to see so many people keen to listen to and talk with Lorenzo and JoNina. After an early breakfast they have made their way onto the next leg of their tour and we wish them well.

Thanks must also go out to strathy polis for really taking to heart community policing. We had them parked outside our talk in a van for 5 minutes before two officers attempted to come in because they were concerned that a car had its lights left on outside. They also sent a van down the dead-end street at 10pm to check on the situation (coincidently the time they thought we were leaving). This care also appears to be spreading to Cardiff:

Anyways, the next discussion event from Glasgow AF will be on the 20th of November and we will be looking at the trade unions. More news on that here nearer the time.

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