Events O’er the Next Week (7th – 14th October)

Hi All,

So – Another week, and this time another (slightly) mammoth listing for the
week ahead. Apologies for the length of this one, but again, there’s lots of
stuff on – documentaries (the tail-end of Take One Action and the start of
Black History Month), as well as Talks, Cycle Runs, Protest, and other stuff.

We’d like to take the opportunity to draw your attention to tonight’s talk in
Glasgow on the Radical Wing of the Black Power Movement, from two visiting
speakers from the States, please see below for further details – it’s sure to
be a good one!

As always, please let us know of anything happening that you think we should
cover in the listings, and we’ll do our best to oblige, where appropriate.


Monday 7th October
– The Radical Wing of the Black Power Movement in the US (1965 – 1973)
(Glasgow Afed)

Tuesday 8th October
– Cycle with Confidence (Woodlands Community Garden / Glasgow Bike Station)

Wednesday 9th October
– ‘The Afterlives of Digital Life Stories’: Learning to Listen in Dementia
Education (SCREEN)

Wednesday 9th October
– Hidden Gifts: The Mystery of Angus MacPhee (Renfrewshire Mental Health Arts
& Film Fest)

Wednesday 9th October
– Bike Maintenance Workshop (Level 1 Winter Essentials) (Urban Roots)

Thursday 10th October
– Film Screening: The House I Live In (plus intro) (Black History Month)

Friday 11th October
– ‘Bad News for Refugees’ Book Launch (Glasgow Media Group)

Friday 11th October
– Common Good Project: Info Stall @State of the Map 2013 (Edinburgh)

Friday 11th October
– Film Screening: The Human Scale (plus Discussion) (Take One Action)

Saturday 12th October
– March Against Monsanto (Scotland Against Monsanto)

Saturday 12th October
– Camcorder Guerrillas: 10th Birthday Party

Saturday 12th October
– Family Bicycle Day (Woodlands Community Garden / Glasgow Bike Station)

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th October
– Free Self-Defense Workshops for Women of Colour (Trans-Welcome)

Monday 14th October
– Cash for Antifash Benefit (Edinburgh)

Monday 14th October
– ‘Are Antidepressants Over-Prescribed?’ (Glasgow Skeptics)


Monday 7th October
– The Radical Wing of the Black Power Movement in the US (1965 – 1973)
(Glasgow Afed)
Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carringdon Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ.
6.45pm – 99pm

A talk hosted by Glasgow Anarchist Federation.

The Black Power movement in the United States superseded the Southern Civil
right movement with more movement ideology, strategy, and tactics, which
provided even more of a confrontation directly with the American central

More than just a Black cultural history of the period, and speaking of the
usual media creations that dealt with poetry, Afro hairstyles or Black music
of the late 1960’s into the ’70’s, Lorenzo and JoNina Ervin, two African
American veterans of the U.S. Black Power movement, will speak of the now-
forgotten radical movements from that period: the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee, the Black Panther Party, League of Revolutionary Black
Workers, and others which made up a radical activist wing, which tried to
transform the entire country, not just protest racism or seek Black rights
with protective legislation. Learn about the radical wing of the Black Power
movement, from the standpoint of the grassroots participants, not the leaders.

JoNina Ervin, author of “Driven by the Movement: Activists of the Black Power
Era”, will speak about her interviews with some 20 Black Power activists as
well as about her activity in the Black Panther Party in the 1970’s. Lorenzo
Ervin, author of “Anarchism and the Black Revolution”, “The Progressive
Plantation”, and “Black Power, Black Autonomy” is an ex-civil rights and Black
Panther Party member will speak on his years as a civil rights/Black Power
activist, Black Anarchist political prisoner, and contemporary anti-racist
organizer. They are both active in the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation, and
on the national board of the Black Autonomy Federation of North America.

For Further Info:

Tuesday 8th October
– Cycle with Confidence (Woodlands Community Garden / Glasgow Bike Station)
Woodlands Community Garden, 91-111 West Princes Street, Glasgow, G4 9BY
10am – 3pm

Cycle with Confidence Course – Glasgow Bike Station are running this one day
course so you can learn how to maintain your bike during the morning and then
enhance your cycling skills in the afternoon. The nice people at Glasgow Bike
Station are also providing a free lunch.

Event is part of Woodlands Community Garden’s Bio-Diverse Project. The project
is in full swing this autumn with lots of fun activities to get you thinking
about and caring for nature in Glasgow. With walks, bike rides, family fun
sessions and even film events, there is plenty for you to join in with.

To book places email Sarah at or call us on
0141 332 9311.

For Further Info –

Wednesday 9th October
– ‘The Afterlives of Digital Life Stories’: Learning to Listen in Dementia
Education (SCREEN)
Gilmorehill Centre, 9 University Avenue, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12
5pm – 7pm

Over the past two decades, publicly available repositories of digital life
stories have proliferated. A wide array of “ordinary peoples’ ” voices and
images are now readily available online, collected by broadcasters, community
organizations, advocacy groups, libraries, and museums. Increasingly,
soliciting life stories from citizens has become a standard part of public
participation and consultation on government policy. Equally, in education,
narrating your own life experience has been viewed as an innovative strategy
to help students become reflective practitioners. If as O’Donnell, Lloyd and
Dreher (2009) point out, voice rather than listening has dominated social and
cultural theory in recent times, equally, there has been little scholarly
attention to the process of listening to other peoples’ life stories. This
paper will open up questions about the afterlives of mediated life stories.
How are digital stories circulated, deployed and framed? Who listens to them
and how?

Part of a larger project, also involving the research of Naomi Sunderland
(Griffith University), exploring the way digital life narratives might inform
policy making and professional practice, this paper explores a rare instance
in which digital life stories as used resource for professional education. In
2009, the Dementia Training Study Centre in South Australia collected a set of
digital life stories by people with dementia and their carers. As well as
circulating 6000 copies of the DVD, the collection has been used for in-
service professional education of medical, health professionals and aged care
workers, as well as in training for undergraduate medical, nursing, psychology
students. Drawing on observation and interviews with trainers about their
strategies for making these confronting life story narratives listenable, this
paper begins to think through the ethical, methodological and political
implications for research around listening.

For Further Info:

Wednesday 9th October
– Hidden Gifts: The Mystery of Angus MacPhee (Renfrewshire Mental Health Arts & Film Fest)
Paisley Museum, High Street, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA1 2BA
12.30 – 1pm

The Renfrewshire Mental Health Arts & Film Festival, in collaboration with
Weaving Musical Threads, is sharing information about the festival and showing
the film, Hidden Gifts – an award-winning creative documentary that explores
the mystery of art and mental illness.

Hidden Gifts reflects the poignant story of Angus Macphee, who, after
experiencing the trauma of war, never spoke. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, yet
possibly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Angus was hospitalised
for 50 years. His grass weaving was his only form of expression – turning
everyday objects into the extraordinary.

The event is free, with no booking required.

For Further Info:

Wednesday 9th October
– Bike Maintenance Workshop (Level 1 Winter Essentials) (Urban Roots)
Toryglen Community Base, 179 Prospecthill Circus, Glasgow, G42 0LA
6pm – 9pm

Come along, have your bike checked and learn how to maintain it yourself
throughout winter. This is a free course but booking is required. For more
information or to reserve a place please contact or
telephone 0141 613 2766.

For Further Info –

Thursday 10th October
– Film Screening: The House I Live In (plus intro) (Black History Month)
Glad Cafe, 1006 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 2HG

The so-called ‘war on drugs’ in America is destroying the lives of families
and poor communities, has resulted in 45 million arrests, and has made America
the world’s largest jailer. Winning last year’s Grand Jury Prize at Sundance
Film Festival, one of the most important documentaries of recent years, Eugene
Jareki’s film penetrates this world with impressive precision.

From an intimate personal experience of the director, to a notable
contribution from David Simon, writer/director of The Wire, through to an
examination of America’s prolific prison business, Jareki’s film is poignant,
heart-breaking, and displays an impressive level of understanding of all
sections of American society.

Ben Curran will be coming all the way from Norwich to introduce the film. Ben
is curator of the UK’s only ‘Museum of Drugs Paraphernalia and Related
Antiquities’, and was a partner on ‘The House I Live In’.

Tickets are £6 (entry for 18’s only)

For Further Info –

Friday 11th October
– ‘Bad News for Refugees’ Book Launch (Glasgow Media Group)
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

Glasgow Media Group’s latest book, Bad News for Refugees by Greg Philo, Emma
Briant and Pauline Donald, examines how migrants (especially asylum seekers)
have been stigmatised in political rhetoric and media coverage, and the impact
of this on wider British society. At this FREE event, the authors will speak
about the book and how it is possible to work towards both a better informed
media and more humane policy.

Coverage of migration, asylum and refugees is often partial, inaccurate and
hysterical – as in the tone of this example headline from the Daily Express:
“UK message to migrants: you are not wanted” (6 June 2011). Governments do not
simply respond to such coverage, they also promote it. Bad News for Refugees
features startling comments from anonymous journalists, underlining how the
overwhelming thrust of media coverage, especially in conservative press, has
been negative and jumbles together migrants and asylum seekers who have the
legal right to claim asylum.

A journalist from the Daily Star described to us these news values: “There is
nothing better than the Muslim asylum seeker, that’s sort of jackpot I
suppose: all social ills can be traced to immigrants and asylum seekers
flooding into this country“. Another from a broadsheet described how young,
inexperienced reporters would be pressured “to put their conscience aside and
go and monster an asylum seeker”. The resulting coverage becomes part of the
everyday language of our society.

Event Details –

For Further Info –

Friday 11th October
– Common Good Project: Info Stall @State of the Map 2013 (Edinburgh)
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

Held as part of the State of the Map 2013 Unconference.

Come and find out or chat about what the Common Good Fund is and how we could
be using it to empower communities. Find out about the Farmhouse project in
Govan Glasgow a trust set up to reinstate a building which is part of the
cities Common Good into an independent resource and community education

Reclaiming the commons is going to be one of the most important things that
needs to be done in the 21st century if people are to live a decent life. The
Common Good Fund, is a pile of publicly owned assets consisting of buildings,
land and movable assets. It is 500 years old has laws to protect it, is an
integral part of Scottish history, is worth tens of millions of pounds in
different places up and down the country.

These resources have suffered over the years, many have been lost, misplaced
and stolen – due to lack of awareness. The Common Good Awareness Project was
set up to help identifying, record and restoring this valuable part of
historic infrastructure. We believe our Common Good Fund should be used to
empower ordinary people, that it should be used as a civic network to create
solidarity around the issues that affect communities in towns and villages and
the inner cities up and down the country.

The Fairfield Farmhouse trust in Glasgow is a building that has been left to
rot and is part of the cities Common Good Fund. The trust was set up to
renovate one of the oldest buildings in Govan, and bring it back into public
use as an independent resource centre. We hope to use this project as a
template that others can use and learn from in the process of identifying,
recording and restoring these public owned assets for the public’s use – all
over Scotland. And the commons in general everywhere.

We will have a stall at fridays State of the Map event all day. Pop in for a
chat – its FREE.

For Full Event Details –

Friday 11th October
– Film Screening: The Human Scale (plus Discussion/Walking Tour) (Take One
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

By 2050, 80% of humanity will live in urban areas. Resisting the predominance
of car and office block, this visionary film asks how we can build cities in
developed and developing countries that balance the human need for inclusion
and relationship with travel and productivity. “Sometimes I’d say we know more
about making a good habitat for mountain gorillas than we do about making one
for man.” So begins the challenge implicit in the work of Danish architect Jan
Gehl: director Andreas Dalsgaard’s chosen icon launching a series of vignettes
and vital questions about how city planning defines us, from China to Europe,
for good or ill.

Pitting sustainable, urban development against endless highways for an elite
to escape to the country, and bringing to life the interactions that unfold in
well-designed cities, The Human Scale will leave you dreaming new dreams for
Edinburgh and Glasgow as you step back out in your streets.

Both Edinburgh & Glasgow screenings will be followed by discussion and ideas
for practical action, with guests including David Sim (Gehl Architects) and
Petra Biberbach (Planning Aid Scotland); both screenings will be preceded by
guided walks, led by Gehl Architects’ David Sim. Advance booking essential
(£5). For full details pf the tours, go to or email

The Film with be Screened with the short film Hedgehogs and the City (10 min)

Film Info:

Event Info:

Saturday 12th October
– March Against Monsanto (Scotland Against Monsanto)
Royal Concert Hall, 2 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3NY

Organised by Scotland Against Monsanto.

In just under a week’s time Scotland will be Marching Against Monsanto once
again. We hope to make this even more of a success than the marches we held
back in May, but we need your help in order to achieve this. You can play your
part (even if you can’t make it to the actual march itself) by helping us to
promote it and spread the word far and wide.

You can either click on any of the event pages (links below) and share it on
your wall or invite friends personally – or both, preferably – and ask your
friends to share on their walls and invite their friends too. You can also
print off some flyers (attached) and distribute them among people you know,
stick them in your local shop window or community/universitycollege/school
notice board.

This is a family-friendly and peaceful demonstration so we encourage you to
invite everyone from pensioners to grandchildren and all inbetween. Please
help us to make this a success and raise awareness. We need to have a big show
to wake the general public up to this very important cause.

Why do we march?

– Research studies have shown that Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can
lead to serious health conditions such as the development of cancer tumors,
infertility and birth defects.

– In the United States, the FDA, the agency tasked with ensuring food safety
for the population, is steered by ex-Monsanto executives, and we feel that’s a
questionable conflict of interests and explains the lack of government-led
research on the long-term effects of GM products.

– Recently, the U.S. Congress and president collectively passed the nicknamed
“Monsanto Protection Act” that, among other things, bans courts from halting
the sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified seeds.

– For too long, Monsanto has been the benefactor of corporate subsidies and
political favoritism. Organic and small farmers suffer losses while Monsanto
continues to forge its monopoly over the world’s food supply, including
exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic make-up.

– Monsanto’s GM seeds are harmful to the environment; for example, scientists
have indicated they have contributed to Colony Collapse Disorder among the
world’s bee population.

What are solutions we advocate?

– Voting with your dollar by buying organic and boycotting Monsanto-owned
companies that use GMOs in their products.

– Labeling of GMOs so that consumers can make those informed decisions easier.

– Repealing relevant provisions of the US’s “Monsanto Protection Act.”

– Calling for further scientific research on the health effects of GMOs.

– Holding Monsanto executives and Monsanto-supporting politicians accountable
through direct communication, grassroots journalism, social media, etc.

– Continuing to inform the public about Monsanto’s secrets.

– Taking to the streets to show the world and Monsanto that we won’t take
these injustices quietly.

We will not stand for cronyism. We will not stand for poison. That’s why we
March Against Monsanto.

For Further Info –

Event Details –

Saturday 12th October
– Camcorder Guerrillas: 10th Birthday Party
99 Calder Street, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7RA
7pm ‘til Late

Camcorder Guerrillas is Ten! And to celebrate, e are having a party in
Govanhill Baths on 12th October. There will be films, food, and our version of
an awards ceremony plus DJs, dancing and a pay-bar (or you can BYOB). All

For For Info –

Saturday 12th October
– Family Bicycle Day (Woodlands Community Garden / Glasgow Bike Station)
Woodlands Community Garden, 91-111 West Princes Street, Glasgow, G4 9BY
10.30am (Start/Finish @Woodlands Community Garden)

Glasgow Bike Station will be back and guiding us around Glasgow’s beautiful
green spaces including other community gardens – check our Facebook page for
updates. The route takes into account children coming along, however adults
accompanying children are reminded to pay close attention to them at all

Held as part of Woodlands Community Garden’s Bio-diverse Project. To book
places email Sarah at or call us on 0141
332 9311.

For Further Info –

Facebook Page –

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th October
– Free Self-Defense Workshops for Women of Colour (Trans-Welcome)
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1BA
10am – 4pm (Sat); 11am – 4pm (Sun)

Free Self-Defence Workshops for Women of Colour* (Trans Welcome)

The workshops run over the weekend of 12th and 13th October and are totally
free. They are run by an experienced self-defence tutor.

Saturday 10am -4pm & Sunday 11-4pm

Wear clothing and footwear that is comfortable for you.

There will be frequent breaks and time for lunch.

Lunch will hopefully be Free/Donation or if we can’t then bring a packed lunch
– we’ll let you know before.

The sessions are at the Kinning Park Complex which is next to the Kinning Park
Underground. Directions can be found here on their website.

Places are limited so please book on – email or
phone/text 07400 610 319.

*By women of colour we mean Black and minority ethnic women, for example south
& east asian, mixed, romany, indigenous peoples of australasia, the americas,
the islands of the atlantic & the indian pacific, black, middle eastern, etc.
etc. – all of the many different peoples who are the majority of the world.

For Further Info:

Monday 14th October
– Cash for Antifash Benefit (Edinburgh)
The Bongo Club, 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JX
£5 (£3 Before Midnight)

A stellar lineup of Scottish DJs and Live Acts unite to oppose the SDL, EDL
and fascists everywhere! All proceeds going to legal funds and assistance for
recently arrested anti-fascist demonstrators.


JD Twitch – Expert DJ, sought after producer, prolifically ace remixer, taste-
making Label Owner and clubnight promoter- it’s difficult to talk about JD
Twitch and the Optimo clubnight he co-founded without lapsing into
superlatives. The Quietus described Optimo (Espacio) as ‘Scotland’s most
(rightfully) celebrated club night’ and, 3 years after the duo stopped doing
regular weekly nights, they seem as busy and vital as ever.

Young Fathers DJs – Let’s not mince our words; Young Fathers’ ‘Tape Two’ is
one of the best records of 2013. The band’s second release on American alt-
hip-hop bastion Anticon, it’s explosion of the pop / experimental hip-hop
binary is peerless in the UK scene. For this gig we’ll get a chance to see
Edinburgh trio play some of their favourite records, dance about and perhaps
even take the mic a bit too – all fresh from a new Friday night slot on BBC
Radio 1 Extra.

LAW (Live) – Currently seemingly happy to bask in the allure generated by her
astonishing ‘Hustle’ video, LAW, one of the Young Father’s ‘Family’ but
clearly a singular talent in her own right, gives us a live demonstration of
why she’s pretty much the most exciting new musical prospect in the city right

Support comes from: MOTO/Dickie ZZZAP and No Globe DJs

Two arts and music promotion collectives who between them have put on some of
best parties in Edinburgh over the last few years – including guests like
Romare, Auntie Flo, Pariah, A Tribe Called Red, Lapalux, LV, Bondax, Spoek
Mathambo, Éclair Fifi, Frikstailers, Sega Bodega & Spoek Mathambo.

ZZZAP’s explicitly forward-thinking dance vibes and No Globe’s ‘Party Music
Beyond Borders’ will kick off what is sure to be an incredible night.

We’re super happy to have all these brilliant performers and thank them
profusely for giving up their time to helping the antifascist cause at this
pressing time.

The Politics:
As the crises continues to devastate the lives of the most vulnerable in
society, those ‘lucky’ enough to be in work are told to work harder, longer,
and for less. It is little surprise that our politicians and other scumbags
attempt to distract us from these sad truths through the endless production of
racist spectacles; from the ‘Go Home’ vans, UK border agency raids or the
media witch-hunts, 2013 has a backstory of prejudice. We will not let fascists
use the crises as leverage to push their agenda.

Yet increasingly, any protest or opposition to the re-emergence of fascist
organisation or state and media racism is met with strict repression from the
police. In London September 7th, 286 anti-fascists activists, local community
members, passers-by and journalists were arrested as around 700 English
Defence League supporters were allowed to march over Tower Bridge and rally at
Aldgate without encountering any mass opposition. In June 58 protesters were
arrested trying to prevent the BNP from marching through central London and in
August 3 people were arrested here in Edinburgh attempting to block the
Scottish Defence League from marching on parliament.

As one member of the antifascist network remarked – “These mass arrests show
how the state is using political policing to criminalise protest and
intimidate people out of taking political action. Only the tamest, most
moderate forms of protest are sanctioned; anything else is met with police
violence, kettling, and mass arrests.”

Those arrested for taking a stand against racism and fascism deserve and
require out support and solidarity. Dozens of people waited outside police
stations after the arrest in Tower Hamlets the other week, sitting on the
ground, in the middle of the night, waiting to give strangers hot soup and
home-prepared dishes. Those arrestees are now on bail, banned form attending
further demonstrations where the EDL, BNP or English Volunteer Force may be
present. We must be prepared to stand in their place next time and support
them with their ongoing legal costs.

For Further Info –

Monday 14th October
– ‘Are Anti-Depressants Overprescribed?’ (Glasgow Skeptics)
The Admiral Bar, 72a Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA

Talk hosted by Glasgow Skeptics

Antidepressant prescribing has more than quadrupled over the last decade. What
does this mean? Will everyone be addicted to them soon? Are we medicalising
everyday distress? Why don’t we get to the root of the problem with talking
treatments anyway? Do antidepressant drugs work? How do they work?

Prof. Ian Reid, Division of Applied Medicine, will debate these questions and
more. Bring your preconceptions, but be prepared to lose them…

For Further Info –



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