The Spirit of Revolt Needs YOU!

The Spirit of Revolt collective are a group working to provide a physical and online resource detailing the past and present direct action undertaken by autonomous groups in Glasgow through the years. This won’t just be a dusty archive left to one side, but will be a vibrant and useful tool that could be used to help plan future activities.
They have came to an agreement with the Mitchel Library to house their collection and, for aa very limitied period, have access to a professional archivist to help put things in order. However they are needing your help to perform scanning at the SOR room in the Mitchell and allow Chris the archivist to spend his time on more pressing and specilised tasks.
Even if you can only spare an hour or two this would be greatly appreciated. The Spirit of Revolt room is very small and equipment limited so let them know you are planning on heading along in advance by contacting:
Chris the archivist is only at the room on Mondays and Tuesday, the room phone number is 0141 287 2838.

Many thanks in advance!


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