Stuff Happening this Week (w/c 13th August)

Some events on the calendar for this week (listing to the side a wee bit on Tuesday) – including a film about the repression of Dissenting Activists in China, Organising & Public Campaign Meetings, Urban Gardening, etc.

If you know of any community based, radical and alternative goings-on, please let us know and we’ll try and include where possible.

If you would like details of events such as these, you can subscribe to the mailing list by emailing or visit

Monday 13th – Thursday 16th
– Film Screening: Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry

Tuesday 14th August
– Clydeside IWW Organisational Meeting

Tuesday 14th August
– Glasgow Anarchist Federation & Friends Organisational Meeting

Tuesday 14th August
– Organise Against Refugee Evictions – Campaign Meeting

Tuesday 14th August
– Woodlands Community Garden: Tuesday Tutorials

Wednesday 15th August
– ‘The Cultural Boycott of Israel – Why?’ – Public Meeting

Sunday 19th August
– ‘Woodlands Community Garden – Monthly Garden Meeting’

Monday 13th – Thursday 16th August
– Film Screening: ‘Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry’
GFT, Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RB
(Various Showings)

Ai Weiwei is China’s most famous international artist, and its most outspoken
domestic critic. Against a backdrop of strict censorship and an unresponsive
legal system, Ai expresses himself and organises people through art and social
media. In response, Chinese authorities have shut down his blog, beaten him up,
bulldozed his newly built studio, and held him in secret detention.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry is the inside story of a dissident for the digital age
who inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics.
First-time director Alison Klayman gained unprecedented access to Ai while
working as a journalist in China. Her detailed portrait provides a nuanced
exploration of contemporary China and one of its most compelling public

For Further Info –
For Showing/Times –

Tuesday 22nd May
– IWW Clydeside General Membership Branch Meeting
Electron Club, 1st Floor of CCA, Sauchiehall Street/Scott Street

Branch meeting of the Clydeside General Membership Branch of the Industrial
Workers of the World.

Founded in 1905, the IWW is open to all workers. Don’t let the
“industrial” part fool you. Our members include teachers, cleaners, social
workers, retail workers, construction workers, bartenders, and computer
programmers. Only bosses are not allowed to join. If you are currently
unemployed or are a retired, you can still join. You have a legal right to join
a union and your membership is confidential. We are a volunteer-driven union,
and this means we, not union bosses or bureaucrats, run the union. The IWW is
not controlled by or affiliated with any political party or political movement.
No money goes to politicians. Membership dues are used to maintain the union
and assist organising campaigns. As a result, monthly dues are low.

Clydeside GMB is a general membership branch, which means it includes members from a range of jobs. Recently, we’ve taken part in a range of actions,
including pickets against companies which use Workfare labour. So come along
and meet us, and find out what the One Big Union is all about. It has a great
history, and a great future – in an increasingly globalised economy, workers,
too, need to organise globally.

For further info –
Facebook Page –

Tuesday 14th August
– Glasgow Anarchist Federation & Friends Organisational Meeting
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Glasgow

Glasgow AF & Friends are holding one of our regular meetings to organise new
and ongoing local campaigns. They are open to anyone who agrees to AFed’s Aims and Principles:
See earlier post…

Tuesday 14th August
– Organise Against Refugee Evictions – Campaign Meeting
O’Neil’s (Seperate Back Room), Albion/Bell Street, Merchant City, Glasgow
7.30pm …

The transfer of housing from Ypeople to Serco is under way. The eviction notices for refused refugees have been delivered. The meeting will discuss where the campaign goes from here. All welcome.

For Background Info –

Tuesday 31st July
– Woodlands Community Gardens: Tuesday Tutorials
Woodlands Gardens, 91-111 West Princes Street, Glasgow, G4 9BY
6.30 – 7.30pm

Every Tuesday evening from 6.30 – 7.30pm from 31st July – 28th August. Content
including seed collecting, what to plant now, leaf mould and herbal brews and
much more…

Tuesday 14th August: SOIL improving, fertilising, composting, leaf mould and
herbal brews

For Further Info –

Wednesday 15th August
– ‘The Cultural Boycott of Isreal: Why?’ Public Meeting
STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6NG

The Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid campaign is calling for the boycott of the Batsheva Dance Company when it embarks on its UK tour in August.

The Batsheva Dance Company is funded by the Israeli state and is part of PR exercise designed by their Ministry of Foreign Affairs known as ‘Brand Israel’. Its aim is to whitewash Israel’s human rights abuses and violations of international law, creating a false image of a ‘normally’ functioning, democratic country.

Batsheva are scheduled to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival at the end of August and then to tour the UK visiting Salford, Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester, London, Brighton and Plymouth.

Speakers for this public meeting will include a visiting Palestinian & ex-Political Prisoner from Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Occupied Palestine (original village near Jerusalem ethnically cleansed by Zionist forces in 1948).

Student Palestine activist Lorna McBean from the ‘We Are All Hana Shalabi’ network, recently returned from Palestine will be speaking about the Dont Dance With Israeli Apartheid campaign.

Organised by Don’t Dance With Israeli Apartheid campaign (a coalition of Palestine solidarity organisations, groups and individuals).

Sunday 19th August
– Woodlands Community Gardens: Monthly Garden Meeting
Woodlands Gardens, 91-111 West Princes Street, Glasgow, G4 9BY

Join us in the garden this Sunday for our monthly meeting, at which will be
going over the programme and arrangements for our Harvest festival (Sat Sept
8th 2-7pm). We’ll need plenty of volunteers to help out at the festival so do
come along on Sunday to see how best you can help.

For Further Info –


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