Sma’ Shot Day (Tomorrow) & Talk on Collective Appropriation (Next Week)

Tomorrow, Saturday 7th July, is Sma’ Shot day in Paisley. For those who’ve never heard of this before, Sma’ Shot day is one of the oldest worker’s holidays and celebrations of Class Struggle. To mark the ocassion, we will be holding a stall somewhere in Paisley town centre tomorrow – not just to celebrate an auspicious date in the history of working class militancy, but also as a reminder that our historical struggles bear a direct lineage to the struggles we engage in today.

If you’re about on the day, look out for the Red n’ Black regalia, and come say hello.

For some relevant class history of Sma’ Shot Day, see here –’_Shot_Strike,_1856.

As if witnessing an effigy of a Victorian Capitalist being torched wasn’t enough fun, we’re also hosting a talk by two of our international comrades next week, on the subject of Collective Appropriation as a response to the current Crisis in Greece.

‘Reactions to Crisis: Collective Appropriation in Greece’

“Masked activists (self-identifying as anarchists) taking from supermarkets and handing goods to passers-by are the topic of this talk. Over 50 such acts have occurred across Greece since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. Is collective appropriation – i.e. taking the struggle from the ‘sphere of production’ to the ‘sphere of consumption’ – a tactic that can be used in other contexts, too?

This talk and discussion will explore Collective Appropriation as a Reaction to the current economic crisis.”

Thursday 12th July – 7pm. At the Electron Club, Upstairs at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

Facebook Event –



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