Glasgow Events 2nd – 8th July

Please see below for a list of some happenings and events for this week. There
is a fairly persistent Direct Action strain to this week. Which is always a
good thing…

Additionally, though not happening for a week or so yet, please see details of
the ‘Take Back the Land!’ week of action in the Douglas Valley, organised by
Coal Action Scotland.

Monday 2nd July
– GRAMNet Public Seminar: ‘Jerusalem Old City as a Centre for Lifelong

Wednesday 4th July
– Copy Cinema: Grime Triple-Bill

Thursday 5th July
– Entartet

Friday 6th July
– Academic Roadblock Seminar (Faslane 30)

Saturday 7th July
– Direct Action Forum

Saturday 7th July
– CIRCA @Faslane 30

Sunday 8th July
– Glasgow Uncut: Sleep-Out

Sunday 8th July
– Home Composting Workshop (Urban Roots)

Monday 2nd July
GRAMNet Public Seminar: ‘Jerusalem Old City as a Centre for Lifelong
Seminar Room 3 (Gannochy), Wolfson Medical School Building, University of
2.30pm – 5pm

Professor Yousef Najrajreh coordinates the Lifelong Learning in Palestine
project on the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories and is Dean of
Scientific Research.

In 1967 the Old City of Jerusalem was taken by Israel but since 1981 it has
been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Al Quds University has a Centre for
Jerusalem Studies, a Community Action Centre and a Women’s Centre in the Arab
Quarter where everything from Arabic classes for internationals to dental
treatment and legal advice on house demolitions is given to the local

As part of the Lifelong Learning in Palestine project, Professor Najrajreh will
detail some of this work and talk about the difficulties for Jerusalemites in
securing cradle to grave learning opportunities in the conditions of a
belligerent occupation. This should be a very challenging seminar and is open
to everyone.

There will be coffee and tea following the seminar in the Wolfson Atrium. All
are welcome – event is free of charge.

For Further Info –

Wednesday 4th July
Copy Cinema: Grime Triple-Bill
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Glasgow
8pm – 10pm

In July copy.cinema presents a grime triple-bill at Kinning Park Complex.
Three classic films from the grime scene – Lord of the Mics 1, Fuck Radio and
Roll Deeper – featuring Wiley, Wretch32, Kano, Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Temper
and more.

For Further Info –
Contact –

Thursday 5th July – Friday 13th July
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
11am – 6pm

75 years ago an infamous art exhibition opened in Munich. On display were
images and sculptures which had been raided from public galleries by Nazi
government officials. The organisers ridiculed and derided the shown works and
marked their creators as degenerate – and dangerous.

For the included artists there were to be bitter consequences.

‘Entartet’ uses text from the exhibition’s original guide book to create an
audio guide to empty spaces – and to a moment in history. It creates an
environment in which to imagine an infamous event and the world in which it
could take place.

This exhibition deals with the very dark side of populism and state-sponsored
intolerance and creates a space for an ultimately very personal experience, in
which to listen , and imagine what can no longer be seen.

Exhibition by Kai Fischer in association with Vanishing Point and CCA

For Further Info –

Friday 6th July
– Academic Seminar Roadblock (Faslane 30)
Faslane Peace Camp
8am Onwards

On Friday July 6th academics and activists will participate in a seminar
blockade as part of Faslane 30. The theme of the seminar is ‘security’ and
participants are invited to reflect on the complex issue of nuclear weapons
from a range of perspectives – governance, securitisation and discourses of
‘terror’, ethics, as well environmental and social justice.

Leaving morality aside for just one moment, we ask how is spending on nuclear
weapons justified strategically, economically and socially in an era when the
nature of conflict is so changed, when much of the world is in economic
meltdown and many people are suffering from policies of austerity?

The seminar blockade will be peaceful but will insist on claiming the public
space for democratic debate on what security means both geopolitically and in
people’s everyday lives. Contributions will engage with broader themes of
politics, democracy, governmentality, conflict resolution, citizenship, global
relations and anti-war.

The seminar will involve creative public and participatory scholarship, using
a variety of media and forms: paper presentations are envisaged – though
PowerPoint is logistically unfeasible – alongside workshops for small group
debate, experience sharing and other kinds of learning. The timing and exact
locations of seminar events will necessarily be determined on the day, but
participants are invited to gather at the Peace Camp between 8 and 9.30am.

Part of Faslane Peace Camp 30 Days of Direct Action

For Further Info –
Details of Seminar –

Saturday 7th July
– Direct Action Forum
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Glasgow
10.30am – 5.30pm

The direct action forum is hosted by the Glasgow Social Centre and supported
by Coal Action Scotland, the Unity Centre, Glasgow Anarchist Federation, the
Scottish Activist Legal Project and Faslane Peace Camp

Direct Action…: n. The strategic use of immediately effective acts, such as
strikes, demonstrations, or sabotage, to achieve a political or social end.

Why Direct Action?

No social justice movement in history has been successful without the
strategic use of direct action. There comes a moment in every struggle when the
power of everyday people needs to be felt, and when the community can only
attain victory by advancing their front line.

In the next year we will face the eviction of 150 asylum seekers, cuts to
social services and austerity measures, resistance to the G8 and the ‘Take
Back the Land’ action camp in the Douglas Valley, as well as all the
unexpected shitness etc.

Don’t get scared, get prepared – The Direct Action Forum is to bring together
those interested in direct action whether they have been doing it for years or
it is something completely new to them. There will be trainings in action
planning and affinity group working, public order situations, working with the
media and legal support. there will be discussion about women and direct
action as well as how we can be developing the use and support for direct

if all of this is not enough to get you raring to go there will also be a
banging lunch.

full time-table TBC.

the direct action forum is free but will be trying to recover costs from
donations. There will be an open planning meeting so that people can have
their say about process.

To get involved or for more information contact us:

For Further Info –
Facebook Event –

Saturday 7th July
CIRCA @Faslane 30
Faslane Peace Camp

The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) will NOT be marching on
Faslane nuclear submarine lair on Saturday 7th of July, oh no. Even though the
Trident missiles at Faslane Naval Base could kill all the Clowns on the planet
–and all the clowns too! – we won’t be there.

Even though the Trident missiles at Faslane are going to be replaced at an
astronomic cost when all Clowns are feeling the pinch, we will not be roused to

Even though none of our Clown comrades and friends in Scotland want Trident or
its replacement, CIRCA aren’t for turning (up).

Most of all, even though Rebel Clowns would defend everyone for just the price
of a rubber dingy and load of custard pies, even though Trident replacement
will take our Army jobs away, we will NOT be part of Faslane 30. Academics say
that CIRCA has died a death in Britain, and they are right. They must be right
because they are academics and academics know everything about elites,
exploitation, militarisation… (Funny how nothing changes, then, eh?)

However. A new Army of Rebel Clowns from all over Britain is trained and ready
to join our international comrades and peace camp friends to PARTY on the 30th
anniversary of resisting nuclear nonsense at Faslane. If Trident makes us
redundant and academics pronounce us dead, we will come to the party as the
unemployable undead, as gummy vampires, vegan zombies and mangy werewolves.

CIRCA will NOT be marching on Faslane, but a ghost army of Rebels Clowns –
seasoned corpses and the freshly (sic) deceased (diseased?) might, just might,
be there! Come on, do the Resurrection-Insurrection Shuffle!

for things happening during Faslane 30 –

Sunday 8th July
Glasgow Uncut – Sleep-Out
Outside All Saints’, Buchanan Street Store, Glasgow

Last week David Cameron announced proposals that would potentially see
hundreds of thousands of young people stripped of housing benefit, thereby
consigning many of them to homelessness.

This is part of a broader attack on the precariously housed under the Condems.
Councils across Britain are slashing their budgets for the homeless and the
government have slashed the budget for social housing.

There is an alternative – that alternative is cracking down on the widespread
tax-evasion carried out by corporations and the super-rich. Join us as we
descend on a BRAND NEW TARGET to and call on them to pay their taxes!

**Meet us outside All Saints,12 noon, Sunday 8th. We’ll have an orange

**Bring sleeping bags**

**This event will only go ahead if ten people click attending**

For Further Info –

Sunday 8th July
Home Composting Workshop (Urban Roots)
Battlefield Community Garden, Arundel Drive/Ledard Road, Glasgow, G42
12pm – 3pm

This 3 hour workshop is aimed at equipping you with the skills and knowledge
needed start composting your kitchen and garden waste.

We’ll cover what goes in (and what stays out!), good compost management,
making your own compost bin, biodiversity of a compost heap and other such
exciting things!

To book please call Abi on 0141 613 2766 or email

– NB: Loads of summer courses and clubs starting this week: Urban Explorers
for 5-12s Mondays 3-5.30pm; Family Bike Club Wednesdays 2-4pm; Grow Your Own
Wednesdays for 4 weeks 6.30-8pm; Great Grub Thursdays for 5 weeks 5.30-7pm.
Still a few places remaining – get in touch asap to book!

Thursday 12th – Monday 16th July
– Coal Action Scotland: Take Back the Land
Douglas Valley, South Lanarkshire

Opencast coal mining in the Douglas Valley is about the ruling class
destroying communities for their own financial gain. Its about ecological
destruction on a massive scale for capitalism’s unquenchable thirst for
cheap energy. Its about absentee fat-cat land-lords making millions off
land that shouldn’t be theirs. Its about morally corrupt local (and national)

government putting profit before people. Join us 12-18 July in the Douglas
Valley, South Lanarkshire, to build on 20 years of community struggle and
four years of direct action against the UK’s biggest opencast mining company.
It’s time to Take Back the Land!

‘Take Back the Land!’ will be a space for taking action, sharing skills and
learning through doing. It will be a welcoming and safe space for all those
wishing to challenge the social injustice and environmental destruction caused
by opencast coal mining operations in Scotland and throughout the world.

Building on previous years experience at camps such as the Mainshill
Solidarity Camp, the Happendon Wood Action Camp and events such as the
Outdoor Skillshares, we will be establishing a base for a week of high impact
action and low impact, sustainable living.

In solidarity with the communities of the Douglas Valley, we will be directly
confronting the power structures and infrastructures which have dominated and
scarred the valley for too long with a mass action planned for the 14th July
and plenty of room for skilling up, recruitment and affinity group actions to
be taken.

More updates are on their way. If you wish to find out more information or
contact us for any reason please get in touch:

For further info –

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