Demo 6pm – 4 arrested as police disrupt refugee solidarity demo to facilitate fascists in Glasgow

At least 4 arrested as police disrupt refugee solidarity demo to facilitate fascists.

Strathclyde police cleared 300 on a refugee solidarity demo from George square in order to allow 25-30 sdl to demonstrate instead. As those on the refugee march protested being cleared, 1 was arrested.

The sdl proceeded to go to the Palestine stall in buchanan st – their usual target. Despite this being predictable there was 1 cop there who stood back and did nothing. Antifa arrived. Police allowed sdl to march around the city and arrested 3 others who were objecting to this.

Demonstration, today, 6pm, stewart st police station.


6 responses to “Demo 6pm – 4 arrested as police disrupt refugee solidarity demo to facilitate fascists in Glasgow

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  2. I didn\’t attend this but spoke to some people who were there or abouts and we tried to reconcile what happened with probability. Did UAF (or GCWR) by any chance make an application for a static demo over a specific time period – or agree terms in discussion with police on-site? I suspect so because that would have mandated the unprecedented police action of clearing the square. Subsequently allowing (forcing?) the SDL group to assemble there makes some sense, in that an impromptu mob could be easily kettled there or monitored at distance. The lack of police interest in their subsequent activities is unfortunately typical. The disparity in treatment whereby the wellswishers were detained and the racists let loose and loud is likely down to a change of shift, and priorities. This is too bad for those who were upset by illegal racist behaviour. I hope they will take heart from knowing that officers were redeployed to walk past similar behaviour on Sauchiehall Street instead.

  3. Wasn’t aware of the demo mentioned, and don’t know full story, but
    observed about 15 SDL kettled on Gordon St by at least half a dozen police horses and numerous foot coppers. One or two of the polis made a half hearted, unsuccessful attempt to move along observers/a few who were vocally anti-fascist, but were not mollycoddling the SDL at all as far as I saw. They did move off back up Buchana St., but were completely and tightly surrounded by mounted and foot cops.
    Just saying what I saw.

  4. I found this and now it is all clear. Strathclyde Police think that pointing protozoan proto-fascists at refugees and supporters is preferable to allowing them to meet their pipe-playing parity from the other church. Well played, Chief Constable.

  5. I wasn’t on this demo, so can people who were please spread this around your contacts..
    While it is fresh in your mind. Write down everything you remember, general mood of crowd, times and places of incidents, when and how the police dispersed the demo and under what exact legislation, the name of the senior officer who gave the orders for this, and police misbehaviour, both collective and individual. This could help the complaint.
    If you witnessed an arrest, write down the time and place, who did and said what, shoulder numbers of cops involved, threats and warnings made by police, the mood of the people involved before, during and after the arrests.
    If there were people filming and taking pictures, store your pictures and be ready to release them to defence lawyers. They could make the difference between people being found guilty and not guilty, and could help any case taken up against the police.
    Go to this website for more general legal advice for activists.

  6. Cheers for your comments. Have forwarded stuff on to others as relevant.

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