AFed and friends monthly public organising meeting

We’re now having monthly meetings in publically announcable venues, and meeting up between times usually in people’s flats to save money.

Today is May’s public meeting. We’ve got a room at glasgow university in the adam Smith building, which is at the end of bute gardens, at the top of the university avenue hill.

Room 1104, Adam Smith Building, 6.30-9pm, 15/5/12.

There’s a lot coming up to plan for such as next steps for the solidarity network, an anarchist action against nuclear weapons as part of Faslane peace camps 30th birthday 30 days of action, and upcoming anarchist riot folk gig and theory discussions.

How are we as anarchists involved in and contributing to the ongoing struggles in Glasgow. How can we best use our resources to further the change we want to see in the world? If this interests you bring your ideas and commitment and get organised with other anarchists in Glasgow. šŸ™‚

You just have to be friendly to the AFed aims and principles to get involved and active with the local group, though you have to join AFed to be involved in the national stuff, there’s no necessity or pressure to join to organise with us on a local level.

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