Need for volunteers and funds for Glasgow night shelter

As you may know the Glasgow Destitution Network night shelter is continuing in a different location since 1st April and as expected the number of users has increased as word has spread and trust has grown, to now 9-11 per night, with 2-3 new referrals/week.

Several of the volunteers are not able to help as regularly or at all following their intensive involvement over the winter and so more volunteers, men and women, are needed to do a night perhaps monthly or more often.It would also be helpful to have a few more people who are hygiene-certified to cook on a regular basis, again perhaps once a month. Some of those using the shelter are themselves hygiene-certified and a wider variety of meals is being much appreciated!If any people interested in being involved in cooking (or to volunteer overnight) would like to visit the shelter in advance perhaps it would be feasible to go as a group to see the place in the early evening or during the day. If you would like to do this- or know someone who would- please could you let me know with contact details so this can be arranged.

The costs of the shelter are estimated at present to be about £400/month but it is also hoped to raise about £800 to put in a shower.

Financial donations can be made by donating money to the “Glasgow Destitute Asylum Seeker Night Drop In” account at any Lloyds TSB branch, account No: 75140563 and sort Code: 87-37-51.

Other queries can be directed to Phill at


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