Counter-protest to SPUC demo in Edinburgh Sat. 28th Apr. 11am

On the 44th anniversary of the Abortion Act, SPUC will be holding “kerbside vigils” against reproductive rights in towns and cities across the UK. One of these vigils will be held in Edinburgh, so we’re going along to counter their lies and propaganda.

Meet at exit to to Princes Exchange car park on the corner of Lothian Road and Lauriston Place ( for an 11am start. Bring banners, SPUC supporters haven’t confirmed exactly where they will be holding their vigil, but they will be heading out from a church on Lauriston Place at 11am, so this will provide us with a lookout point to see where they set up their “pro-life chain”.

SPUC and other pro-life groups oppose abortion, as well as certain types of contraception, pre-natal testing, IVF, and the use of foetal cells in medical research. They often distribute false information, for example, telling women that an abortion will increase her risk of breast cancer or mental illness, despite the fact that this has been disproved by numerous studies.

Worldwide, it is estimated that around 20 million women will seek an illegal abortion every year because they cannot obtain the procedure legally, and 80,000 of them will die as a result of the unsafe conditions these are carried out in.

Support women: keep abortion free, safe, and legal.

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