Stop the evictions of asylum seekers: Glasgow protest Thurs 12 April

Stop the evictions

No deportations

End destitution now

Rally and protest

Red Road / Petershill Rd

Thursday 12 April 5.00 – 7.00pm

Called by:
– Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees,
– National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns,
– The Unity Centre,
– YPeople Glasgow Residents Association

Up to 140 Glasgow asylum seekers are to be evicted by their landlord, Ypeople, in the next few weeks, and left without home, and without access to work or any benefits or state support whatsoever.

These people have had their claim for asylum refused even though most are unable to return to their countries because they are too dangerous. They include Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Zimbabwe and others.

Ypeople, a charity funded to provide accommodation to vulnerable people, claims they have to do this before handing over the housing of asylum seekers to Serco, a giant multinational making money for its shareholders out of running prisons and detention centres.

The handover period runs to November, yet Ypeople have decided to evict everyone right now. Community groups say they will not be able to cope.

We call on Ypeople to act with humanity towards these extremely vulnerable people and on Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government to step in and stop this disaster before it happens. What kind of city and what kind of Scotland are they governing that allows this kind of humanitarian outrage to occur?

Finally we call on the British government to honour its international obligations in the spirit as well as the letter by granting protection and the right to work for all people seeking sanctuary.

Come and support the demonstration next Thursday. Bring friends, family, workmates, trade union branches, churches and other organisations, banners, placards etc.

If you wish to add your organisations name to the list of supporters of this demonstration, please email


One response to “Stop the evictions of asylum seekers: Glasgow protest Thurs 12 April

  1. They have had their cases to remain in Britain legally listened to and a legal decision made that they have no legal or moral right to remain in Britain …. but …. the failed asylum seekers refuse to leave – they are placing themselves and their families in a destitute position. Our Home Office will gladly return the failed asylum seekers to their countries. Problem here is the Home Office / UKBA continuing failure to carry out our laws and remove the failed asylum seekers – deportation is the process of carrying out our legal laws – and successful deportation is good for the economy.

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