Stop Nike Cheating Women Workers!

Stop Nike Cheating Women Workers!

Scotland Feminista

Saturday, 31 March 2012

10:30 until 12:00

On Saturday 31 March join Scotland Feminista’s protest outside the Nike store on Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

The impact of the London Olympics is already being felt by women workers in Bangladeshi factories producing Nike sportswear. New research released by War on Want s…hows that Bangladeshi garment workers, 85% of whom are women, are being cheated of their maternity rights, face sexual harassment, and receive poverty pay. Those who join unions to demand better pay and conditions risk losing their jobs.

However, thousands of women have defied intimidation to fight for their rights as workers in the garment industry. On 31 March feminists in the UK will get out onto the streets to join their struggle. WILL YOU?

Take part in our Cheats’ Mini-Olympics and stand in solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers producing Nike’s sportswear who are systematically being denied their rights.

Please RSVP and CONTACT CLARA (07784 260 915) or HAZEL (07557 005 494) if you can come and want to be involved.

Facebook Event Page:



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