Oppose racist SDL in Glasgow + other events

*** The SDL are planning on claiming Glasgow this Saturday for their nasty racist thuggery.

It is crucial we keep Glasgow city centre free of organised fascists. George Square and Buchanan St are key locations that they would like to claim. As such there are two events, aimed at defending Glasgow.
* Buchanan St – GAFA have called for people to meet from 10:30am at the tardis (“police box”) just south of St Vincent St on Buchanan St. There will also be a permanent presence here.
* George Sq – UAF are holding a static celebration of multicultural Glasgow in George Square.

Full details below.

*** Omar Ibrahim, a Glasweigian in prison for anti-cuts action. If you don’t know Omar have a look at the statement he made before being sentenced on his blog and his blog posts.

He was moved on 12 hours notice from Wandsworth to Peterborough Prison, apparently without explanation at some point between 2nd January and 9th February 2012.  It is a prison privately run by Sodexo, where the male section of the prison is normally  only for male prisoners from the Cambridgeshire area.

Please write to Omar at his new address:

Omar Ibrahim
Peterborough Prison
Saville Road

You can also email him using the contact details above using this website:


email bangedupforprotesting@gmail.com

Thursday 23rd February
– Palestine film screening “To Shoot An Elephant”
Friday 24th February
– Greek Crisis, Eurozone Crisis – or Systemic Crisis? Glasgow talk
– Precarious Workers Meeting
Saturday 25th February
– SDL plan to march…
Saturday 3rd March
– Protest against Work fare – Protest against slave labour
Monday 5th March
– The Patient Paradox: Why Sexed Up Medicine is Bad for Your Health
Tuesday 6th March
– AFed and friends discussion – Collective appropriation: its history and its transformative potential TBC
Tuesday 13th March
– Clydeside IWW Branch meeting
Tuesday 20th March
– IWW film showing – Mine Wars documentary ‘Even the Heavens Weep’

Thursday 23rd February
– Palestine film screening “To Shoot An Elephant”
Boyd Orr 412 (L.T B). University Avenue

This is part of our wider calender of events as part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2012. Keep an eye out for us on campus and check out the events page to find out what else we are up to!

“The Gaza Strip has been under siege since June 2007, when Israel declared it an “enemy… entity”. A group of international activists organized a siege-breaking movement, the Free Gaza movement. Thanks to their efforts, and despite the Israeli ban on foreign correspondents and humanitarian aid workers to cover and witness operation “Cast Lead” on the ground, a group of international volunteers (self organised members of the International Solidarity Movement) were present in Gaza when the bombing started on December, 27th 2009. Together with two international correspondents from Al Jazeera International (Ayman Mohyeldin and Sherine Tadros), they were the only foreigners who managed to write, film and report for several radio stations what was happening inside the besieged Palestinian strip.”


Friday 24th February
– Greek Crisis, Eurozone Crisis – or Systemic Crisis? Glasgow talk
Williams Room, John McIntyre building. University Avenue.

A talk with anarchist and anthropologist Dimitris Dalakoglou

… As international creditors & bailiffs circle Greece, its government
has responded with austerity policies. The results include deepened
unemployment, cut pensions and social provision. A permanent state of
crisis is the new post-democratic way of government: in the name of
the economy, the facade of democracy is one more unaffordable luxury
sold off to pay interest on a debt to the rich.

Behind the headlines, the fightback. Beyond massive general strikes
demonstrations: hospitals, factories and offices occupied and run by
their workers. Regardless of votes in parliament and international
brinksmanship, the people of Greece are resisting the IMF by
“collective[ly organizing] the struggle for a life that is
characterized by solidarity, resistance and dignity.”

What happens next?

Dimitris Dalakoglou, editor of Revolt & Crisis in Greece (AK Press,
2011) and contributor to the From the Greek Streets blog will talk
about the situation in Greece as seen from the streets and in daily
lives. Following this will be time for discussion. How does the revolt
in Greece affect other countries? How can we support the Greek people
in struggle? What do we do next?

All welcome

– Precarious Workers Meeting
Electron Club. Upstairs in the CCA.


Saturday 25th February
– Oppose the racist SDL – 2 events Celebrating Multicultural Glasgow in George Sq and Glasgow Anti Fascist Alliance meeting on Buchanan St

On Saturday 25 February, the racist thugs of the ‘Scottish Defence League’ are intending to hold a static demonstration in Glasgow city centre. This comes after their application for a march was rejected by the council.

The SDL have never been given the freedom to spread… their fascist hate on the streets of Glasgow before, with thousands mobilising to stop them in November 2009 and on subsequent occasions.

We will be gathering in the centre of town on Saturday 25 February once again to ensure the SDL are not able to proceed with their plans. Please join us.


Stay safe!

Organised by GAFA – Glasgow Anti Fascist Alliance

There will be an Anarchist and friends stall at this location all afternoon so that as well as physically opposing the SDL, we can also be letting people in Glasgow know about all the positive things going on. People will be needed between 12-5pm on Saturday to help defend this stall.

***Celebrating Multicultural Glasgow
Join us in George Square on 25 Feb 2012, from 12 noon.

Stalls, music and speeches.

Set up your own information stall on the day from your community or campaigning organisation, speakers from across the communities in Glasgow to celebrate our multicultural city.

Bring flags, balloons, placards & banners

Organised by UAF


Saturday 3rd March
– Protest against Work fare – Protest against slave labour

MEET TOP SHOP BUCHANAN STREET (OUTSIDE BUCHANAN GALLERIES) 1PM In solidarity with Liverpool Uncut’s action against workfare on Saturday 3rd March, Boycott Workfare has called a national day of action against workfare. There will be a Boycott Workfare action in Central London on this day and people all over the UK are to take action on their high streets.

So many high street stores are involved in taking on forced unpaid labour that there is plenty of choice – Asda, Holland & Barrett, Primark, HMV, TK Maxx and Topshop to name but a few. Get a group together, make a plan, and head to the streets.
Workfare means that those on benefits are forced into unpaid work for multi-million pound companies. Instead of the living wage – they receive £2.25 an hour in benefits for 30 hours of work.

Workfare means those in paid positions may see their jobs replaced by this unpaid labour. Why would a company pay for people to do these jobs when they can get free labour from the Job Centre?

We can put a stop to this forced unpaid labour – Waterstones and Sainsburys recently announced that they would no longer take unpaid placements – the other companies just need a bit more encouragement to stop this exploitation.

We demand an end to this exploitation and call for welfare rights and living wages for all!
If you continue to exploit us we WILL shut you down!


Monday 5th March
– The Patient Paradox: Why Sexed Up Medicine is Bad for Your Health
The Admiral Bar. 72a Waterloo Street, G2 7DA

Welcome to the world of sexed-up medicine, where patients have been turned into customers, and clinics and waiting rooms are jammed with healthy people, lured in to have their blood pressure taken and cholesterol, smear test, bowel or breast screening done.

In the world of sexed-up medicine pharmaceutical companies gloss over research they don’t like and charities often use dubious science and dodgy PR to ‘raise awareness’ of their disease, leaving a legacy of misinformation in their wake. Our obsession with screening swallows up the time of NHS staff and the money of healthy people who pay thousands to private companies for tests they don’t need. Meanwhile, the truly sick are left to wrestle with disjointed services and confusing options.

Explaining the truth behind the screening statistics and investigating the evidence behind the hype, Margaret McCartney, an award-winning writer and doctor, argues that this patient paradox too much testing of well people and not enough care for the sick worsens health inequalities and drains professionalism, harming both those who need treatment and those who don’t.

Margaret McCartney is a GP in Glasgow, and has three children. She started writing for the press after being infuriated by an article in a newspaper which claimed that CT body screening was the way to stay well. Since then she has written for most UK newspapers, as well as the British Medical Journal, other magazines such as Vogue and Prospect, and has had columns in the Guardian and the FT Weekend. She has won prizes from the Medical Journalists’ Association, the Healthwatch award, and from the European School of Oncology.

She has a strong interest in evidence, professionalism, screening and risk. She blogs and tweets. The Patient Paradox is her first book.

Skeptics in the pub event. All welcome.

Tuesday 6th March
– AFed and friends discussion – Collective appropriation: its history and its transformative potential
Electron Club


We propose a talk about “collective appropriation” as a form of everyday resistance to capitalism and as a form of survival in capitalism. By collective appropriation is meant, for example, the following: collectively gaining entry into “public” transport and using it without paying fares, using swimming pools and visiting museums without paying admission fees, “shoplifting” to distribute the goods amongst deprived and vulnerable persons. Such direction action is occurring in several European countries – Spain, Germany and most intensively in Greece – at the moment. It follows the example of the “autoreduction” and “proletarian shopping” movements of e.g. 1970s Italy, then used by the working class to carry their struggle from the productive sphere (the factory) into the sphere of consumption (the shop, the train, the rental market). Our short talk will present the history of collective appropriation, its current forms and its theoretical underpinning and will lead into a discussion of whether such form of direct action is something that could promote the anarchist cause.

PLEASE CHECK https://glasgowanarchists.wordpress.com/ FOR CONFIRMATION

Tuesday 13th March
– Clydeside IWW Branch meeting
7.15 for 7.30 start, Clydeside IWW Branch meeting #, at the Society of Friends Meeting House, 38 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow G2 4PS:
http://g.co/maps/ue77f It’s not far from Charing Cross

Tuesday 20th March
– IWW film showing – Mine Wars documentary ‘Even the Heavens Weep’
Electron Club, upstairs in CCA

The Electron Club meeting on the 20 March will be our second film
night. Again, the whole programme will last about 90 minutes, so we
hope for a prompt start.

Following FW Brendan Maslaukas’s article ‘The Battle for Blair
Mountain’ in October 2011’s issue of the Industrial Worker:
we will be showing the Mine Wars documentary ‘Even the Heavens
Weep’ (1986) and excerpts from ‘West Virginia’ (1995). The Mine Wars
were real, bloody warfare over more than a decade, culminating in the
largest civil insurrection in the US since the 1860s. At various
times, FW Mary Harris Jones became involved, and Ralph Chaplin wrote
‘Solidarity For Ever’ (using the tune of ‘John Brown’, who had
himself been executed in West Virginia) for the miners’ struggle to
organise. Gun-fights took place in the streets and on the hillsides.
Martial law was imposed. Matewan’s pro-union police chief, a young ex-
miner, who led his town’s battle against the eviction of union
members’ families, was assassinated in broad daylight. The ‘Redneck
Army’ of thousands of armed miners – black and white together – tried
to march into ‘Bloody Mingo’ County and faced machine-guns and aerial
bombardment. This was only 90 years ago. Even today, little, if
anything, of this is taught in US schools. (John Sayles’s ‘Matewan’
is a rare media treatment of the subject, but is fictionalised.) It
is an extraordinary story, and the fact these films were recorded
some years ago means that they include some then-elderly eye-
witnesses, who are now gone from us.

There are also a couple of features on the ongoing campaign and 2011
march to save Blair Mountain – which had its 2009 historic site
status revoked because of mining company pressure – from ‘mountain
top removal’. The campaign has brought together miners, labour
activists, historians, archaeologists and environmentalists. It has
also inspired a grass-roots movement, the Redneck Party, which is
supporting Occupy in the US:




One response to “Oppose racist SDL in Glasgow + other events

  1. looking forward to opposing the nazi scum….:)
    antifa action!

    Hope there is a good militant turn out….fuck the uaf. We believe in
    direct action

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