Greek Crisis, Eurozone Crisis – or Systemic Crisis? Glasgow talk

A talk with anarchist and anthropologist Dimitris Dalakoglou
Friday 24th February.
Williams Room, John McIntyre building. University Avenue.

… As international creditors & bailiffs circle Greece, its government has responded with austerity policies. The results include deepened unemployment, cut pensions and social provision. A permanent state of crisis is the new post-democratic way of government: in the name of the economy, the facade of democracy is one more unaffordable luxury sold off to pay interest on a debt to the rich.

Behind the headlines, the fightback. Beyond massive general strikes demonstrations: hospitals, factories and offices occupied and run by their workers. Regardless of votes in parliament and international brinksmanship, the people of Greece are resisting the IMF by “collective[ly organizing] the struggle for a life that is characterized by solidarity, resistance and dignity.”

What happens next?

Dimitris Dalakoglou, editor of Revolt & Crisis in Greece (AK Press, 2011) and contributor to the From the Greek Streets blog will talk about the situation in Greece as seen from the streets and in daily lives. Following this will be time for discussion. How does the revolt in Greece affect other countries? How can we support the Greek people in struggle? What do we do next?

All welcome


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