N30 report from Glasgow Anarchists

Yesterday was a full, active day for Glasgow Anarchists. Those of us on strike (a teacher and a nurse) were at the early morning picket lines whilst the others cycled to many of the pickets to offer solidarity. Those of us picketing the Western Infirmary then went to Glasgow University for the impromptu feeder to the student feeder march which was starting at the royal concert hall at 11:30.

The Glasgow Anarchists banner was held high during the student feeder, and again during the massive main march, as were several red and black flags. The student feeder continued a recent tradition of ensuring a much more visible presence than the official police negotiated march by travelling a circuitous route through the main streets in town. As well as students from throughout Glasgow, the Anarchists, a very welcome visible presence from IWW there were hundreds of mainstream trade unionists on the feeder; a good experience of what is possible when we act without the union hierarchy as the student feeder took a much more visible route than the officially sanctioned, police approved march.

One day of official action will not be enough to even slightly stem the attacks from the Government, but for the many who took industrial action for the first time yesterday it was an important step; they are now the sort of people that take collective action and go on strike. Anarchists must continue to participate but also to agitate for effective direct action, democratic workplace organising and solidarity.

(Glasgow Anarchists visible 3:19 in)


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