Glasgow AF and Friends Meeting Tues. 20th September 7pm Govanhill

Glasgow Anarchist Federation and Friends Meeting
Open to anyone friendly to AFed's Aims and Principles:

Tuesday 20th September
Daisy Street Neighbourhood Centre Govanhill
Directions and map here:

Booked under the name ‘The Crane’

Facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=281073748572321

Agenda so far:

1.  Prioritising agenda items.

2.  Stalls – other Freshers dates?

3.  Discussions – Face to face and online.  Anti-Fascism, Feminism,
Environmentalism etc.

4.  Social – Is the Scotia booked?

5.  Solidarity Network – deciding on name.  Producing Leaflets,
posters, stickers plus a website to promote the network.

6.  Social Centre – reports from recent meetings.

7.  Food Not Bombs/People’s Kitchen.

8.  Anarchist Fair Saturday 3rd December- cost of potential venues –
Garnethill Community Centre, Kinning Park, Pearce Institute, STUC.
Possible book promotions – ‘Peace, Love and Petrol Bombs’, ‘Property
Is Theft’ + Seattle Solidarity Network video.



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