Anarchist Federation And Friends Meeting Tues. 6 Sept. 7pm Woodside Halls

A new dynamic anarchist grouping has emerged from the Glasgow Uni Occupation. It is open to anyone friendly to the Anarchist Federation Aims and Principles:

Tuesday 6th September 7-9pm.

Room 2 upstairs.

Woodside Halls

Its booked under the name AF.

Woodside Halls is on the junction of Glenfarg Street and Clarendon Street, very near St Georges Cross subway and bus stops.

Agenda so far:

1.  Freshers stalls including introductory leaflet and banner plus future stalls

2.  Creative protests plus anti-Atos action 30th September

3.  Solidarity Network – possible pickets?

4.  Food Not Bombs/People’s Kitchen – formally set up a group?

5.  Community Organisation – proposals? – leaflet local dole offices about workfare?

6.  Food based skill sharing. Allotments etc.

7.  Socials?

8.  Glasgow Social Centre – need for new space after the Free Hetherington?

9.  Right to protest?

10.  SolFed Workplace Organiser Training – provisional date 29th October.

11.  SolFed Public meeting as part of bookfair/dayschool in December?


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