‘What is happening with the Zapatistas in Mexico?’

Speaker from ‘Rebeldía Revista’ Mexico.
Talk by Javier Elorriaga,  Editor of the ‘Other Campaign’ magazine, followed by questions and discussion.

Monday 23rd May
The Free Hetherington
The Glasgow University Occupation
13 University Gardens
Just off University Avenue,
Glasgow University Campus

Javier is a journalist, video maker, historian, political analyst and a member of the editorial team of the influential magazine Rebeldia, which acts as a voice for the Other Campaign and the Zapatistas throughout Mexico.  He was a founder and co-ordinator of the Zapatista Front for National Liberation.  He will speak about what’s happening in Mexico today, especially what’s happening with the Zapatistas.  From their latest massive march through the town of San Cristobal to oppose militarisation and repression in Mexico, to the development of autonomy in the mountains and jungle of Chiapas, Javier will give a first-hand report of the movement which has inspired the anti capitalist movement world-wide.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity – this is one of  only two dates in Britain on Javier’s European tour.

A merchandise stall will be at both events selling Zapatista t-shirts, coffee and crafts.  

The money raised goes to health clinics run by the Zapatistas in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.

Organised by Glasgow Chiapas Solidarity Group http://glasgowchiapassolidaritygroup.wordpress.com/

Facebook event page:



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