The Free Hetherington – Clothing Optional?

This happened a couple of days ago and we would have written about it sooner but we’ve been laughing so hard at the sheer oddness of it that we have found it difficult to put pen to paper…. well, fingers to keyboard.

Warning the story, continuing after the jump, contains images of graphic nudity and laughable stupidity.

In the early hours of Monday morning a wee group of folk turned up at the door of the Free Hetherington claiming that they had been at a Green Party conference in town and had missed their bus home to Dundee – could they please come in for a cuppa? The folk on the door, being the kindhearted individuals that they are, let them in. Milk of human kindness and all that. Shortly after being admitted these early morning visitors opened the door for a gang of naked young men who proceeded to run around the building causing havoc and setting off a fire alarm. You read that right, naked.

Now we’re the last people who would be prudish about the human form and people’s right to dress as they see fit, or not at all if they so choose, but running into a building butt naked in the wee hours is not an expression of their right to be naked or a manifestation of youthful experimentation with naturism. It is an action purely intended to cause distress to the people occupying the building.

So, who were these nudey nutters, these naked nincompoops, these bare-skinned scamps, these au naturel alarm pullers, these (stop it – ed.)

Well, it turns out that these disrobed dingalings(Oi! – ed.) were none other than members of the Glasgow University Union(GUU). Including members of the board. Nice to see that they have grown up since their behaviour at the Queen Margaret Union during Freshers Week in 2009.

The GUU has something of a reputation on Glasgow University campus and it has gotten to the stage where people are no longer surprised to hear stories of sexual assault, thuggish behaviour and general unpleasantness coming from that place. The GUU reeks of privilege and the excesses of the wealthy youth that frequent it. Like some Bullingdon Club wannabes they feel that they are entitled to behave however they want with no fear of repercussions due to the social positions of many of their families.

Whilst, at first glance, this may seem amusing it is not. There were people asleep in the building who were woken by this group who were sure to be shocked and intimidated. Given the GUU’s rather sordid history it would not be beyond reasonable for people, just woken, to assume something horrible was going to happen.

The actions of these boys was childish in the extreme, prone to cause alarm and upset and potentially, through setting off the fire alarm and causing a fire engine to be dispatched to the building, putting people’s lives at risk. What else should we expect from an institution that prides itself on turning out the future rulers of this land?


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