New Zealand Earthquake Solidarity

Most of you will be aware of the earthquake that recently devastated Christchurch in New Zealand leaving many dead, many more injured and tens of thousands without water or power. The relief effort is massive in scale but, as we have seen elsewhere with similar efforts, many sections of society are left hanging and to fend for themselves.

Stockpiles of food and water controlled by the Salvation Army would not be released to the Gilby Street community, even after repeated explanations that such food and water are desperately needed in the greater Avonside area and would be distributed by them.

In a clear exposition of the illogical system we live in, the local Stanmore Road supermarket is closed and protected by security — despite being full of food and supplies. Earlier in the week a man was beaten at the same supermarket by security for trying to access food and smokes. He had no money, and no power to access food stamps or support funds.

Regularly updated information on what is happening on the ground can be found here.

Beyond Resistance are an anarchist collective that have been doing some sterling work in helping communities with little or no access to the official relief effort, particularly in the eastern suburbs of the city. They do however require our solidarity and as such we would like to ask anyone interested in donating to the relief effort to send money their way.

Their bank account is with Westpac and their account number is 03 0675 0423909 017

More info on how to donate can be found at


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