Films student actions Mon 21st Feb 8pm @ The Free Hethrington

Tory Scum Here We Come – The Movie!

Films about the student marches and occupations in London + anti-austerity protests in Dublin

90 minutes of activist video

Monday 21st February


The Free Hetherington, 13 University Gardens, just off University Avenue,

Glasgow University Campus

  • Tory Scum Here We Come! – Full Version (Reel News) 66:03
  • Part 1: Day X1 (8:49) The first national day of action against tuition fees and EMA results in an 11 hour police kettle.
  • Part 2: Occupations1 (5:19) College Occupations spread throughout the country, including in London, SOAS, UCL, UEL and Kings.
  • Part3: Day X2 (11:50) Thousands of students outwit police as the kettle tactic fails miserably.
  • Part4: Occupations2 (5:14) LSE and Slade join the growing occupation movement.
  • Part5: Topshop Protest (3:29) Direct action against Topshop, who owe £1.2 billion of the £120 billion unpaid corporation tax.
  • Part6: London Metropolitan Occupation (15:52) The most militant occupation so far, as students occupy the finance, human resources and cashiers departments.
  • Part7: Day X3 (10:39) Over 30,000 students lay siege to Parliament in an astonishing day of direct action.
  • Part8: School Students speak out (4:50) 14 year old schoolgirl, assaulted and abused by police on day X3, speaks out.
  • PLUS
  • 3) Ireland: Trade Union March (Trade Union TV) 5:46 The Irish Congress of Trade Unions protest against austerity in November.
  • 4) Ireland: Police Attack Student Demo (Trade Union TV) 5:11 Also in November – different country, same story!
  • 5) London Firefighter Strike (Reel News) 14:17 Mass pickets leave the bosses’ strikebreaking tactics in tatters in a magnificent strike by London’s firefighters.

Films full of inspiring actions not reported anywhere else.

Reel News is completely independent and non-aligned. We are completely against sectarianism in all its forms, anti-capitalist in outlook, against the anti-trade union laws and in favour of mass collective action in the workplace and on the streets to change society.


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