Glasgow University Occupied

Students at the University of Glasgow have occupied the Heatherington Research Club, a vital resource for post-grad, mature and foreign students which was recently closed down, in opposition to cuts at the university and across society. The club can be found at 13 University Gardens, just off University Avenue, and any and all support will be welcome.

See you there!

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One response to “Glasgow University Occupied

  1. Adult Education at Glasgow University is under threat. Please show your support for the adult education programme.

    As a publicly funded organisation, the university’s adult education programme is one way that the university can engage with the community that supports it and ‘give something back’.

    The University of Glasgow’s Senior Management Group wants to ‘investigate’ whether adult and continuing education should have a role in the University. In other words, it is possible that the adult and continuing education programme will be shut down. A meeting of the University Court will take place on 16th February to discuss whether this ‘investigation’ should go ahead.

    If you support adult and continuing education at GU then please contact the Principal of the University and the Head of the College of Social Sciences by 15th February, copying Claire Wylie into your email. Contact details are below.

    The Principal, Professor Anton Muscatelli, R453 Level 4, Principal’s Office, Main Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ

    Professor Anne Anderson, Head of the College of Social Sciences, Florentine House, Glasgow G12 8QF

    Please send a copy to C/O
    Ms Claire Wylie, 11 Eldon St, St Andrew’s Building, Glasgow G3 6NH

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