Scottish Universities in Occupation plus Glasgow Plans for Day X

Updates on the St Andrews University occupation

Edinburgh University Occupation ends on a positive note

Meanwhile in Glasgow, aside from the brief occupations on the 24th November day of action, Glasgow is yet to see much direct action.  Will this change?  Well, there is the upcoming day of action.  Here’s the programme :

8th December.  Glasgow Uni callout is 12 noon at the main gate.

Day X : 9th December.  Marches from 10am from the unis.  The main meetup though is 12 noon at the top of Buchanan St.  This is the big one, laydees and gentlefolk.  Bring your snow shoes and lets show that Glasgow is ANGRY too! 🙂  See link below for full details and pretty leaflets.

Day X: Glasgow Against Education Cuts callout for 9th December


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