Glasgow Solidarity Network

Landlord messing you around?
Agency not paying you?
Job centre making life a misery?
Feel like it’s too much to cope with alone?

We all face problems like these and it can seem impossible to do anything about them. The Glasgow Solidarity Network is a group of people who work together to support one another and stand up for their rights.

Modelled on Seattle Solidarity Network, Anti-Poll Tax unions and the Claimants’ Unions from the 1980’s, the Glasgow Solidarity Network is a non-hierarchical organisation controlled by its members and unaffiliated to any political group or party. It aims to confront bad landlords, bad employers, and bad jobcentres/benefits agencies through collective direct action and build solidarity between tenants, claimants and workers, active and retired.

For more info, check out our blog, drop us an email or come along to one of our meetings.

Next meeting: Tuesday 20th July, 7pm at Daisy Street community centre in Govanhill.


One response to “Glasgow Solidarity Network

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