Yarl’s Wood Women On Hunger Strike

50 women incarcerated in Yarl’s Wood detention centre have been on hunger strike since Friday(5th Feb) in protest at the disgusting manner in which they and their children are being treated by the British government. The detention centre holds 405 women and children who are guilty of no crime other than fleeing their homes in terror of persecution. The response of the management at Yarl’s Wood? They lockdown the prison… sorry detention centre keeping women in corridors and communal areas. Some women who climbed out of windows to get away from the lockdown have been left out for days with just the clothes they are wearing.

“The women are currently trapped in an airless hallway,” said Cristel Amiss, of Black Women’s Rape Action Project. “Women should be allowed back into their rooms immediately; there should be an immediate investigation.”

Many of the women in the centre are the victims of abuse with over 70% of those held being rape survivors. Some are sick and have been denied medication during the four days of the ongoing hunger strike.

We condemn outright the detention of anyone simply for the ‘crime’ of fleeing persecution let alone the detention of children. This situation is just another in a long series of human rights abuses meted out by the government on the most vulnerable. If anyone wants to tell Yarl’s Wood exactly what they think of their disgusting actions they should feel free to contact them on.
Main switchboard: 01234 821000.
Fax numbers
Centre: 01234 821096
UK Border Agency: 01234 271349

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