Glasgow Anarchist Federation Regular Weekly Meetings

From Tuesday 19th January the AF will be meeting at the Electron Club, CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, G23 3JD at 6pm. The meetings are open to AF members and anyone sympathetic to our aims and principles. We are currently planning  plannng a radical dayschool to co-incide with International Womens’ Day Celebrations on Saturday 6th March. It will include a film about IWW and EF activist Judi Bari, discussions on community control and a Scottish Anarchist strategy.


2 responses to “Glasgow Anarchist Federation Regular Weekly Meetings

  1. im a 52 year old punk still young at heart and reasoable level of education. in the late seventies and in the “maggie” years i have seen many discraceful things did to “normalfolk”. although iam partically sighted, heart failure and have mobility problems, over the last few years i feel it is time to change my political stance. as a young punk anarchy was the “battlecry” and i feel that it should be again. i am very interested in maybe joining the group if there is one and looking forward to hear your views and points on today’s social asspect and political situation. i look forward from hearing from you thamk you very much. Tango

  2. Hi Tango, We often post up public meetings we are having here so feel free to drop in on any that suit you. We also have a weekly events mail-out you can sign up to here:

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