Anti open cast coal mine occupation in Lanarkshire

Come resist Scottish Coal and Lord Home, and defend communities and the climate!

In a farcical court hearing this morning in Lanark Sheriff Court the eviction order brought by Lord Home, the landowner (and chief exec of RBS private banking firm) and Scottish Coal, the UK’s largest open cast producer against the occupiers at Mainshill Wood was granted. Despite having just two working days to seek legal advice and work on a defence the Sheriff refused to allow the occupiers more time.

The eviction order comes into effect immediately owing to the “vast costs being incurred” by the contract drilling work being prevented at the site by campers, according to Lord Home’s solicitors.

The Chairperson of Douglas and Glespin Community Council had prepared a statement to present to the court in support of the occupiers and raising serious concerns about the timescale of the eviction order. The Sheriff, however, would not even allow the statement to be heard, saying only: “Given that you’re a lay person, I’ll cast my eyes over it”.

Tracey Mitchell from Douglas said of the proceedings: “It was damned ridiculous and money talks”. John Brozy, a former miner and former justice of the peace also from Douglas said: “the occupiers have given us new heart and made locals understand that they’re not alone”.

The Mainshill Solidarity Camp is determined to stop this coal mine from going ahead. We knew all along that this would be Lord Home’s response – not engaging with us or the community, but using his money and court bailiffs to remove us without getting his hands dirty. We will not go until we are forcefully removed or until we have won.

Scottish Coal and Lord Home are on the back foot – the Solidarity Camp has brought a huge amount of attention to what they’re doing in South Lanarkshire, and what they’ve been getting way with for years. The community is fired up and even more determined to stop this project. We can win this! The last thing Scottish Coal and Lord Home need is an expensive and drawn-out eviction – what we need is for as many people as possible to join us and come to the camp.

The site is beautiful, full of wildlife and well defended, with unprecedented levels of community support. This is the front line in the struggle against new coal and for community self-determination over the interests of big business and wealthy land owners.

Join us! See for information about the camp and how to get here, and for regular updates.


5 responses to “Anti open cast coal mine occupation in Lanarkshire

  1. was there tonight,nothing to do with the pit but on safety grounds and was faced with threats of physical violence!!!! (take you down to the road and give you a doin). dont be fooled, these so called “protestors” are there purely to hear their own voices. they move from “catastrophe”, to the next one that takes their fancy. lets think of something we can protest at, thats what they must be thinking! is it cruel to roll eggs at easter, unconcievably unforgivable to toss pancakes on shrove tuesday? well, until tonight, i probably would have stood shoulder to shoulder with them, but i experienced first hand what they were really like. these people really arent complaining about a specific topic, they are complaining about anything they can think off! its sad to realise that all the so called “fight for the better good”, isnt actualy that. i know they will be sitting reading this on their laptops,(good for you ya idiots), powered off their so called eco, non tree burning, envio friendly electricity supplies. but the fact is their ranting will be producing more enviromently UNfriendly gasses than you could imagine!!!! better off listening to them farting, make more sense lol. do us all a favour, eco idiots with no real agenda apart from causing trouble. get a life, go get a job! ok i agree with the protest against open cast, but these twats take it too far! im so for enviromental action, but these absolute idiots have scored an own goal! “swampy”, where are you? i will tell you where, hes behind a bush, having sex with any so called “protestor”, male or female, that happens to be lured by these “eco prats”! get a life you sad, SAD individuals. you really showed your colurs tonight. threaten me with violence for doing my job? i dont think so. you shouldnt have done that. enemy you really didnt want! i would have backed you up all the way, until you showed your real colours.
    so anyone reading this beware! they are a bunch of prats, all soooo nice until you get behind the mask. sod em, i will protest in my own way!!!!!!!!! beware of these nuggets!
    oh and for the local community being up in arms supporting you, i think you really better look at your numbers. delusions of actually being someone we give a damn about! fight for a greener world, not with these prats hampering it!

  2. the prats at the lanarkshire open cast protest should be ashamed. threatening violence?! well done!!!!!!!! heard about it, arse! bunch of nuggets. what next, is the sky too blue?

  3. my comment is awaiting moderation? oh that means censorship, oh yeah, bring it on! big brother and all we were meant to stand against. well watch this space. im watching too and god help you if my comment isnt posted! talk about a bad nightmare, you have no idea!

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