This Is What Class War looks Like

From the people who bring you City Strolls, a statement on the recent attacks by the city council.

“Never let the damning evidence contained in public opinion get in the way of a nice earner”, could be a strap-line for underneath the Glasgow City Council logo. The threatened closure of Glasgow schools (for they are not closed yet) has proved 2 things. One is the council do not represent us (public) but business interests and will do anything to ignore what we think or say, and number two is. The campaign against school closures is showing what ordinary people mums and dads and kids are capable of when they get organised and work with each other.

This video is in 6 parts and only includes some of the conversations with parents and campaigners who do not have any problem articulating what they want for their kids, not only in education but in a vision of their future. The patronising fudge from the council can gain no ground here, but only serves to strengthen the resolve of parents to protect their children’s education. Stand up any parent who wouldn’t do likewise.

Stop the Glasgow City Council and their backers from killing our communities, destroying our culture and selling our assets – it is not just the way it is – it is a continuum of Thatchers class war. Destroying local schools destroys solidarity in our communities – the same as destroying unions did. The gentrifiers know this. Don’t wait till we are so isolated that we can do nothing – challenge the bastards. Who knows we might get to like it.

PS I refrain from using (so called) swear words in City Strolls, unless I am really mad or very excited. In this occasion I am both. Power to the people. B.


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