Blind Or Stupid!!!

From Glasgow’s long running free sheet The Anarchist Critic

Another example showing that the system fails those in the, so called, rich developed countries as well as those in the poorer third world. The charity Save The Children, better known for its work in famine and war torn regions, is starting to hand out cash to families in the UK. An obvious indication that higher energy prices and rocketing food prices are pushing many of the UK’s poorest families further into crisis.

Last year food prices in Britain rose by 11.3%, vegetables alone have gone up 18.6% and recent figures show that 35% of Britain’s parents have cut back even further on food, that rises to 48% when it comes to the poorest families.

On the cash handouts Collette Marshall of Save The Children says, “This is how we would respond to an emergency overseas.” While this goes on the system hands out billions of tax payers money to the corporate world and we watch malnutrition rise among our children.

Are we blind or really that stupid?

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