Glasgow Anarchist Discussion Group

After last months enjoyable discussion in Glasgow we decided to meet up again this month for another discussion. However due to time constraints the next available date is May 10th.
The discussion group will meet on May 10th in the Sauchiehaugh on Sauchiehall street at 4p.m.
A few topics were bandied about for the theme of this meet up and people seemed to be inclined towards discussing education and matters around education.
What are the problems with education in capitalist/class society?
What function does it serve within this society and what function would it serve in a libertarian communist/anarchist society?
What forms do we see education taking in a future society?
Being as we have a bit of time before the next discussion some us may want to do some background reading on what has already been written on liberatory education.
Here are a few wee articles people may find interesting
Also people may want to have a look at the LibEd website

See you on the 10th

And to finish a wee quote from uncle Mike, from the above article.
“The science of the sage will become more fruitful, more useful and more expansive when the sage is no longer a stranger to manual labour, and the labours of the workmen, when he is educated, will be more intelligent and thus more productive than those of an ignorant workman. From which it follows that, for work’s sake as much as for the sake of science, there must no longer be this division into workers and scholars and henceforth there must be only men.”


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