Anarchist Discussion Group

It seems there is an ever growing interest in the ideas of Anarchists and as such it has been suggested that it would be a good idea to have a regular discussion group. This would be a place where we could ask questions of one another as well as exploring the key concepts and proposals of anarchism.
The first discussion group meeting will be this Sunday 29/03/09 at 4 p.m. in the Henglers Circus (Wetherspoons) on Sauchiehall Street. There will be a red and black flag hanging off the table, subtle like, so look out for that.
Following the model of similar groups it is suggested that we meet monthly and in the fortnight before agree a topic for discussion in order to give folk the time to do any reading on the subject.
This Sunday it was felt we should have a general talk about anarchism/anarchist-communism and what it means. Other topics that have been suggested are education and the nature of work. Of course other topics that could be discussed are things such as militarisation, patriarchy/matriarchy, climate change, the nature of class etc…
Theory is no substitute for action, but action without theory is directionless and an expression of alienation.
Our theory must feed our practice, which in turn must feed our theory.

See you on Sunday!

Anarchist Federation:Glasgow


8 responses to “Anarchist Discussion Group

  1. Sitting in Wetherspoons around a black and red flag is gonna do fuck all. I’m sorry but I was at the original Stop the City in 1983/84, miners stike 1984/85 and nothing changed in the anarchist movement. Now you have the black-bloc! What a bunch of fucking sheep. If I hear one more twat mention 1936 Catalonia Iwill puke. And The Ukrainian peasant uprising has got fuck all to do with your life in Sauchihall St. you pretentious bastards. Become a realist, don’t get drawn into this psuedo 1890s anarcho bullshit-it has no relevance to your life today. Go to Wetherspoons and have a laugh, get pissed up, talk about football, but don’ t talk about the difference between red and white Bolsheviks because it has fuck all to do with your everyday life in todays world. Be yourself . I found anarchism after the mid-80s is only slightly a hairs difference from total fascism. Be carefull comrades. I’m on your side. Please be realistic. Obama-different colour, same old shit!Gordon Brown, what a fucking clown. Class War Bash The Rich. Please don’t waste years of your life trying to figure out the difference between the black flag and the red and black flag. Sitting in a pub talking about Anarcho-syndacalism will never make it happen. Just get on with your real lives. Peace. Please respond.

  2. Did you actually read the post above?
    “Our theory must feed our practice, which in turn must feed our theory”
    Education, of ourselves as well as the rest of our class, is as important as spectacular macho masturbatory events like stop the city, bash the rich etc…
    What the hell makes you think that we don’t ‘get on with our lives’ just because we want to meet up once a month to have a chin wag about politics? So you were active 20 years ago, well done, I guess that I’ve only been active for about 10 and still feel the need to deepen my understanding of the world makes me nothing but a pseud eh?
    Also what’s wrong with discussing history and understanding the successes and failures of revolutionary movement throughout history? The anarchist “movement”(ha!) in the UK is pitifully small yet we do amazing things. Expanding our appreciation and understanding of anarchism and liberatory politics and ideas can only strengthen us and by extension our class.
    Perhaps you should read the rest of this site rather than making such assumptions. Or if you live in Glasgow how’s about coming along next time we meet up in the pub?

  3. Well said. Point taken. If I was in Glasgow I’d love to have a pint with someone who can actually string a few sentences together. Have one on me Welshboi!! Keep up the good fight and don’t let the bastards grind you down. Cheers. Ayr Utd.

  4. If you’re only based down in Ayr it’s not far to pop into the city, though making the trip for a chat may well be a bit much 🙂
    You’d be more than welcome if you did fancy popping in and keep your eye on our events page as we do put on and participate in other things, demo’s, social, street stalls etc…

  5. Hi…I was wondering how the first meeting went and when the next one would be?

  6. The last discussion went pretty well.
    The next discussion group will take place on the 10th of May from 4 in the Sauchiehaugh on Sauchiehall street. Keep an eye on this site for what the topic will be.

  7. Message for Blaster…Sitting around talking is going to do fuck all is it..? Well let me tell you something blaster.In 1919 an insignificant little charlie chaplin look alike,sat around a table with six other nonentities…and ok it took some time,and as he said years later,they used to laugh…….BUT THERE NOT FUCKING LAUGHING NOW..!!!!!!! OK he probably didn’t say Fucking,I chipped that bit in,but you get my point……………..

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