St Andrew’s University occupation.

Those students keep on acting up! 🙂

Now its the turn of St Andrew’s students to take action over the attacks by the Israeli Government in Gaza.  See their blog here, and leave them a message of support.

As long as we allow business as usual in the UK, the Government here will continue to ignore the attrocities of its Israeli counterpart.  Asking the UK Government to condemn Israel ain’t gonna happen – after all that would look pretty hypocritical and may break that cozy gentleman’s agreement they all seem to have going on to ignore each other’s war mongering…

Instead we need to concretely act in solidarity with those currently at the most sharp end of capitalist oppression, and close down everyday “business as usual” in UK as long as lives are continuing to be destroyed to feed it.  The reality of capitalism and government is a neverending horror of murder, war and immiserated existances for most of the planet’s population.  But rather than that depressing us, or making us feel passive and impotent, we should realise how easy it actually is to disrupt “business as usual” and make a change in the world.  Just 60 students at St Andrews University have achieved a really cool university occupation and the actions of the university administration shows how scared those in authority really do get once we start to refuse to be passive anymore.

St Andrew’s University Occupation


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