The Rich Fuck Up So The Poor Have To Pay!

In the latest in a round of attacks upon benefit claimants the state wants to drive the poor into even greater poverty.

The social fund is a vital resource to the poorest people in our society. The fund offers small interest free loans to those on benefits who have no recourse to credit. Now the government wants to farm out the management of the fund to credit unions who would charge 12-26% interest. Not happy that those of us in work are in seemingly eternal debt they now want to drag those who either cannot find work or who are unable to work into the eternal cycle of debt.

Is it just coincidence that we see measures like this being pushed through just after the Labour party have spooned billions on bailing out the wealthiest people in society from the mess they got themselves into? We don’t think so. It was obvious from the moment they began considering giving all our money to the bankers who was going to pay for this. You and me.

It was obvious that they would begin to claw back this money from the most vulnerable people in society, those with the least ability to resist. Benefit claimants can not after all down tools in protest.

This is just the latest in a recent series of attacks upon claimants. We are sure most people will have noticed the change in language that has been used in anti-benefit ‘fraud’ adverts. No longer do they refer to benefit cheats but now those who try and earn a bit on the side are referred to as thieves.

The sheer bloody cheek of it!!

These super wealthy banker scum bags make a pigs ear out of gambling with money that doesn’t actually exist (which sounds like fraud to us!) then get bailed out by the state. Dave from down the landing works a couple of shifts in a bar as well as signing on and he’s a thief!!

These adverts are insinuating that our neighbours are somehow stealing from us if they have the need to sign on as well as working. It is not they who are stealing from us but the state that takes our taxes and uses it to further the interests of the rich. They are the true thieves.

Surely those who caused this ‘credit crunch’ are the ones who should bear the brunt of the measures to counter it? This will of course never happen whilst we live in a class society. Whilst there is one class of people who control all the resources they will always seek to further their own interests at the expense of those who lack this control.

There is one solution to this situation we find ourselves in.

Wonder what that could be?

Answers to the usual address.

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