Eruptions of anger in Iceland

One of the weekly demonstrations in Reyjavik

One of the weekly demonstrations in Reyjavik

Not to be outdone by Greece, the economic crisis has brought out a wave of popular anger in Iceland as well. This article by AFTAKA, Direct Action in Iceland is an excellent, detailed roundup of what’s going on there.

Including invading the Central Bank:

After the meeting was formally over the word on the street was that more radical action was going to take place. Suddenly a big group of people marched to the Central Bank and entered the first entrance.

The entrance was completely full of people shouting and demanding that Davíð Oddsson, the chairman of the Central Bank board and a former prime minister, would resign. Few policemen had closed the second entrance but people shouted at them, asked in “what team” they were in, telling them to join the public, leave the entrance and let the people in. Suddenly the police left the entrance, the people cheered and opened the door to the second entrance.

Attempting to break a protestor out of jail:

500 people came to the police station and demanded that the man would be set free. After a while, no sign of the police was seen and nothing looked like the man would be set free. The protest got heated and soon people had started to break windows of the station and in the end the door of the station was broken. A group of people went in were the police welcomed them with a splash of pepper spray, without even announcing it.

Going into parliament:

A week later, last Monday December 8th, thirty people went in to the Icelandic parliament, heading to the inside balcony were the public is legally allowed to sit, watch and listen to what takes place there. The group announced that the parliament no longer served it’s purpose and the government should therefor resign right now, the other MP’s should use their time for something more constructive.

Attempting to blockade a meeting of government ministers:

The statement said that the aim of the action was to “prevent the ministers from entering the house and therefor stop further misuse of power. Money has controlled people on the cost of their rights and the authorities and their cliques have manipulated finance for their own benefits. That manipulation has not entailed in a just society, just world. Time of action has dawn, because a just society is not only possible, but it is our duty to fight for it.”

All in all, worth keeping an eye on!

One response to “Eruptions of anger in Iceland

  1. Wow. I didn’t know anything about this. It sounds really exciting. 🙂 We so need to get our act together in Glasgow.

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