Greek Fire Spreads – demo in Edinburgh Friday 12th Dec


As Greece yesterday went on general strike fighting continued on the streets. Roving gangs of fascists and cops were being fought on the streets of many major Greek cities and towns.

Surely now is the time for the Greek populace to seize key infrastructure and communication centres. Whilst the state is still able to spread its lies about the people then there will only be small independent sources able to rally support.

Whilst those of us attempting to spread the word about Greece may be small in number those taking to the streets all around the world are not.Ever since the shooting of Alexandros people have been taking action globally. In Berlin, Bristol, London, Edinburgh, Bologna, Madrid, Barcelona, Hamburg, Dresden, Bremen, Glasgow, Dublin there have been demonstrations and embassies have been occupied.

Thee are more call outs for demonstrations around the world this Friday. In Edinburgh ther will be a mass demonstration starting at Teviot square at 16:00 hours.

See you on the streets!


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