More News From Greece

Fascists and plain clothes police disguised as demonstrators

After the disgusting attack on Alexis funeral yesterday afternoon we have also been receiving reports of fascists and plain clothes policemen masquerading as rioters and alternately attacking small shops and attacking rioters. This is an attempt by the establishment to discredit the rage of those on the streets.

Since the riots began on Saturday many buildings and vehicles have been put to the flame. These however have been banks and police cars, shops and cars of the wealthy elite. Not small shops or those needed by the working classes but symbols of the exploitation and inequality inherent in capitalism. The only people attacking randomly are the police and the fascists they have brought in to support them. There is nothing random in this rebellion.The symbols of capital are attacked and edstroyed. The agents of the state are beaten back.

Police making gun gestures and brandishing pistols at demonstrators

Police making gun gestures and brandishing pistols at demonstrators

The Greek state has talked about sending troops onto the streets to repress the people but fears that this may inflame the situation even more, not least because of the former military regime that controlled the country.

Ask yourselves however, when the police are armed to the teeth with guns and explosives are they not the military? When the police are the same police that so viciously and enthusiastically supported the military dictators has anything really changed?

We have also received reports of police brandishing guns at demonstrators and making ‘pistol’ gestures at demonstrators. Showing exactly what it is they would like to be doing. We can not allow this to continue.  This fight is about more than the brutal execution of Alexis Grigoropoulis. It is wholesale resistance to both the police and the state. With Greek workers about to down tools in a general strike we ask that all those of you who angered at the treatment of our fellow workers make your outrage known. If there is a demonstration near you please attend it, if there is an embassy or consulate near you go down there and let them know what you think.

This struggle that manifests itself so spectacularly in the Mediterranean is not an isolated one. All over the world women and men die  because of the insanity of capitalism. The struggle of the Greek workers is not just their struggle but yours also. As a class we are global, we are not separated by the false lines and borders our rulers like to draw upon the map. From Thurso to Thessaloniki the exploitation of our class is the same. When our fellows in Greece fight back they fight back for you.

We must organise in this country for strength in our communities and workplaces so that we too can resist the attacks made upon us by capital and the state.. As our wages are slashed and our lives become ever more precarious our rulers still live secure in the knowledge that whatever the ‘crisis’ within capitalism they will still come out on top. So long as we are not organised. So long as we do not fight back.

For Revolution at home and abroad!

All power to the workers!

For Anarchist-Communism!


3 responses to “More News From Greece

  1. Theres more Police on the streets of Greece per head of population than anywhere else in Europe. That clearly demonstrates the backbone of Greek society!!!

  2. To be honest I think the kids with the rocks and molotovs are the real backbone of Greek society. 😀


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