Why Does Greece Burn Tonight?

As if the cold blooded execution of a fifteen year old boy was not enough the Greek police have also attacked his funeral.


As the family and friends of Alexis Grigoropoulis attempted to bury the young boy two motorcycle police drove into the cemetery. They proceeded to make obscene and threatening gestures at child mourners including mimicking shooting children as young as twelve. They also began calling out “Where are you Alex” and mocking the grieving of Alex’s friends and family.

When some young people attempted to remove these thugs from the funeral they were attacked by a unit of armed hooligans, a riot squad that had lain in wait whilst their fellows mocked and taunted the funeral.

We call for all women and men of conscience to make your disgust and outrage heard.

The brutal slaying of Alexis on Saturday 6th of December has sparked riots and resistance all across Greece.

Late last Saturday night police officers were arguing with a group of youths in the Exharcia district of Athens. The police left after verbally abusing the youths and making obscene gestures only to return almost immediately. Upon their return one of the cops shot young Alexis Grigoropoulis twice in the chest. This was nothing less than a summary execution of a young man guilty of no more than giving a bit of lip to a copper.

This execution has understandably fuelled already present resentment of the police. There is general resentment to the police in Greece due to their role in supporting the Fascist regime that gripped the country for decades. We can see that resentment even displayed on Greek television. One man interviewed on Greek TV was quoted as saying, when asked about the riots.

“I think the cops are Fascist. I don’t know much about what the

riots are about. Really I just don’t like the cops.”

This was not a rioter but a regular Greek guy in no way connected to the riots or any political grouping. The media claiming that this is all the work of anarchists serves simply to hide the fact that ordinary women and men are outraged by this brutal slaying and are taking their anger out on both the police and the capitalists they serve. Whilst it is without a shadow of doubt true that anarchists are amongst those rioting on the streets this is not an anarchist riot. This is an expression of rage from working class people all over Greece.

We, the working classes, are the ones who create the wealth of this world and we are also the class that holds the only legitimate power in this world. That we do not realise we hold this power shows the cunning and duplicity of the ruling class.

Make no mistake this cold blooded murder is not out of the ordinary for capitalism and the state. People are killed everyday in the psychotic pursuit of profit that defines capitalism. Whether it is killing trade unionists in Columbia, anarchists in Italy, old ladies in England or youths in Greece capitalism is defined by the spilling of blood.

All around the world people are taking action in solidarity with the workers of Greece who today take collective action to defend their interests. To show support for those who express their anger on the streets with rocks and fists, and to call for the resignation of the entire Greek government.


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