Police Murder In Athens Sparks Widespread Revolt

Following the despicable murder of young Alexis Grigoropoulis on Saturday night Greek cities have burned. Anger at not only this latest slaying but at decades of police brutality has erupted into justifiable attacks upon both capital and the Greek state.

Late on Saturday night two police officers were arguing with a group of youths in the Exarchia district of Athens, a working class district of the city not dissimilar to many parts of Glasgow. At one point in the argument the police left the square in their squad car only to return a moment later when they proceeded to execute young Alexis, a boy of only 16 years.



Much is being made in the British press of anarchist involvement in these riots. Whilst it is without a shadow of doubt true that anarchists are amongst those rioting on the streets this is not an anarchist riot. This is an expression of rage from working class people all over Greece.

We, the working classes, are the ones who create the wealth of this world and we are also the class that holds the only legitimate power in this world. That we do not realise we hold this power shows the cunning and duplicity of the ruling class.

Make no mistake this cold blooded murder is not out of the ordinary for capitalism and the state. People are killed everyday in the psychotic pursuit of profit that defines capitalism. Whether it is killing trade unionists in Columbia, anarchists in Italy, old ladies in England or youths in Greece capitalism is defined by the spilling of blood.

Aanrchists blockade Greek embassy in London yesterday

Anarchists blockade Greek embassy in London yesterday

As the rioting continues on the streets the general strike draws closer. Tomorrow millions of workers across Greece will down tools to resist labour reforms which are another attack on the working class as pernicious as the execution in Exarchia.

To coincide with this strike and the continuing riots we will gather outside the Greek consulate in Glasgow at 2p.m. tomorrow. Full details can be found in the post below.

In solidarity with the rioters and strikers.

Vengeance for Alexis!

Death to capitalism and the state!


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