Festive Subversive Social – Sunday 14th December

Festive social flyer

Festive social flyer

Happy whatever the hell it is we’re supposed to be celebrating folks. According to a popular folk tale some jewish bloke was born a couple of thousand years ago this month. As a result of this many of us will be going absolutely demented and spending more money than we have on crap that we don’t need.

In order to mark this we will be having a special festive social in the Crystal Palace on Jamaica Street.

From 6p.m. on the 14th we will gather in the backroom for booze and banter of a generally subversive nature.

All are welcome, with the obvious exception of cops, fascists and wishy-washy liberals.

If you are going to be coming along then please post a comment below or drop us a line at glasgow_anarchists[at]riseup.net so we can get an idea of how many will be there.


One response to “Festive Subversive Social – Sunday 14th December

  1. see u there

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