If you go on a sex-attack spree, best come from a “good” family…

…that’s the message from this story. Robert Thomson who attacked 8 women across Glasgow on one evening last June has received a lower sentence than expected. The judge gave him four years in Polmont instead of 6, citing his coming from a good family.

You might think that one way you can tell a well-brought up teenager would be his not attempting rape multiple times when he gets drunk. That’s why you aren’t a judge, because you’re forgetting that this teenager lives in the West End, not the East End, so he is “good”.

All in all a pretty depressing story, and a reminder of the importance of events like the Reclaim the Night march next Tuesday, meeting at the STUC on Woodlands Road. The organisers”welcome women and men supporters of our work in challenging male violence against women.”

Too often this is treated as a “womens issue”. It’s not.

It’s all of our responsibility to make a society where women are safe to move around our communities without fear of attack. The police or judicial system don’t keep people safe: people do. You do. We do.

See you there.


2 responses to “If you go on a sex-attack spree, best come from a “good” family…

  1. Spot on. I was livid when I read this story. If this was the Judge’s daughter who was attacked in an underpass when walking home from a gym, I wonder how lenient he would be then. My partner is a member of that gym, and that makes me all the more angry about this… Though not surprised.

  2. Mental story! FFS. Grrr. 😦

    See you at the Reclaim The Night march. Though its slipped far from its roots as women empowering themselves by getting together to walk through “forbidden” dangerous spaces at night. The West End at 6pm? Should be Possilpark at 11pm!

    Some of us have made an “Anarch@ Feminist” banner and the Anarchist Federation Scotland banner will be there too if anyone wants to come over and join us.

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