R.I.P Harold H Thompson

Long time prisoner and jailhouse lawyer and activist Harold H Thompson has died today of heart failure.

Harold born in 1942 to Irish parent in West Virginia, USA was an anarchist activist during the 1960’s and 1970’s. His exploits, including expropriation of capital to fund further activities, landed him in prison on more than on occasion over the years.

In 1978 however the mother of one of his children was brutally murdered by a man named Crawley who was soon released after agreeing to turn states evidence. After his release he heard bragging in a bar that he was going to kill Harolds child and the other child who had testified against him.

He was within a few day shot in a bar by a masked assailant who escaped unidentified.

Harold was the natural suspect and was after a brief manhunt arrested and sentenced to life plus fifty.

In his time inside he has been a fearless activist and prison house lawyer.

More information on his case can be found here along with a collection of his writings.

Rest in Peace comrade, finally free.

Harold h Thompson 09/04/42 - 11/11/08

Harold h Thompson 09/04/42 - 11/11/08

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